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Ebird moved my checklists? (1 Viewer)


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United Kingdom
This is a bit of an odd one, I just noticed that Ebird's moved some of my checklists to a different but nearby location.

Full backstory on this (not interesting, but to explain the situation)

I originally filled in two checklists using an existing hotspot which was a bit vague in title - the village name Gedney, then 'arable fields and shore'. I didn't start out at that village, but walked towards it, and did end up going through the farm-building outskirts before looping back to my start point.

On Friday, I went to the same start point, but walked a slightly different shorter loop, which didn't include reaching the edge of Gedney village. It felt incorrect to then use that hotspot to record my sightings, so I decided to make a new one, dropping the pin much nearer to where I set off from each time. My starting point is a small layby carpark used quite a bit by dog-walkers and birders, the grassy banks all have public access and Public Footpath signs, and when walking you pass a big official sign about The Wash National Nature Reserve. So I thought this all qualified it to be suggested as a hotspot in it's own right, incase anyone else wanted to use it for recording their sightings too, and ticked the 'suggest as hotspot' option.
Then I went back and edited my previous two checklists, to switch them to the new location I'd just created. I called it The Wash NNR -- Guy's Head after the lighthouse beside the carpark and the road name - seemed relevant and informative enough to get approved by whoever checks them.

Today, I happened to notice the little section showing my most recent checklists now included a place I hadn't been to! Wait, what?
I clicked on it, and my checklist from the other day AND the two previous ones, have been re-allocated to a different hotspot. The Wash Viewpoint. Fair enough, in miles as the crow flies, it's not far away at all - but it's the other side of a wide river. It requires driving through a different town and over a big fancy bridge to get to a totally different carpark. I didn't go there, so I don't want my checklists to say I did, that's not being unreasonable at all, is it?

I'm wondering if whoever looked at the hotspot I'd created, looked at the map and thought 'but there's already one about half a mile away' and deleted mine, merging my checklists into a nearby place. The one I created isn't even on the drop-down list of locations to choose from when submitting a checklist now, so it's definitely gone even as a personal one. I'd have preferred if they just left it and turned down the suggestion as a hotspot, to deleting it and moving me somewhere I haven't been, hah!

Has anyone else ever had their checklists moved to a wrong location like this? I think what I'll do is re-create the location where I want it, edit my checklists back there again, and just not suggest it as a hotspot this time round - so it gets to exist to me, even if no-one else is able to use the same one!
This would have been done by a local reviewer. Nothing stopping you from moving them back. Annoyingly there's no way to find out who the local reviewer that did that is to contact them and/or lodge a complaint if you feel it's unwarranted.
Yeah, moving them back would satisfy me for having them in the right place at least, just a shame cos I was trying to be helpful and get what's a locally fairly popular place onto the map for other users too.

It wouldn't be worth a complaint, just a explanation much like I wrote here to show why I really wanted it to be in the correct place, probably with a map screenshot to clarify why these two locations ought to be separate, they're close geographically but a fifteen-minute drive apart thanks to the river.

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