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for a 2 week trip is it worth concentrating on one area (ie nw slope and Quito) or is it possible to do this and an amazon lodge?
Does anyone have any particular recommendations (especially accomodation wise)? Obvs want to do Nono-Mindo road and was looking at Bellavista as one place to stay. Would also like to get to at least one higher altitude site.
Will Black-breasted Pufflegs be gettable at this time of year?

Cheers for any info/help!


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Bellavista is excellent, I well recommend it. If you do go there then I'll see you, because I will be there at that time, too. I'd concentrate on one area, if I were you.


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You'll see a lot more birds and still get many of the NW specialties if you divide your time between a couple of areas. My recommendation would be to spend some time around Mindo/Tandayapa and also in the lower elevation sites at the Mindo Cloudforest Foundation reserves at Rio Silanche and the Milpe Road. A visit to the Mirador restaurant in Los Bancos is a must as well. You may want to go to Angel Paz, but I understand it has become a bit of a zoo in the past couple of months... a number of guides have complained that it is becoming too much a show...

But also bird the east slope of the Andes, from the pass above Papallacta down to Guango and San Isidro lodges. A good solid 4 or 5 days can be spent on this section. You could also invest that time in a visit to Sacha Lodge.

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