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The syntax for embedding mp3s has changed slightly.

Rather than using <flashmp3> like this:

<flashmp3>Alberts Lyrebird 090709b.mp3</flashmp3><br />
''[[Media:Alberts Lyrebird 090709b.mp3|Listen in an external program]]''<br />

You now use the {{audio}} template, like this:

{{Audio|Alberts Lyrebird 090709b.mp3}}

The template includes the 'Listen in an external program' link so that can be removed as well. I've updated Albert's Lyrebird as an example.

I was really hoping to find a way to update the pages with bird song automatically but unfortunately nothing I tried worked, so as you find them it'd be great if you can update them. Really sorry to create work like that!

delia todd

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OK Thanks Ollie.

We'll work our way through them when we've got the Editing Permissions sorted.

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