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Emergency situation (1 Viewer)


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Hi, I'm Marcin. Today I found peagon with broken leg (he dragging it behind him and he can't fly) his wings seems ok. But Im homeless and I have dog so I really need someone to try and take him. I can't keep him with me and I can't just leave him at the street. It's adult (Don't know about age but surly not baby). I'm located in France Toulouse. My contact number is 0609269372 (English speaking please, my french is very poor).

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Now with Covid etc plus I'm homeless so it makes more difficult with taking care of hygiene. Plus is cold outside so this bird needs Your help (it will help me too ;) )
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Ok for anyone interested what happening or what will happen. I contacted a nice lady which is helping me sometimes, and tomorrow after job she will take him to some vet whom she knows.
Before I didn't explain exactly my situation. I have shopping cart with me, doesn't have internet access always, and doesn't speak language so all together and probably few things more make it really difficult to get at the other side of city or find out how and where I can help him. It was one of the first internet forum about birds that's why I posted thread here in first place.
Ps. As for now I keep him in cartoon box, put him water (and 1more with pinch of salt and sugar), and some crushed fresh bread, and I put him around small blanket.
That's all what I managed to get. If You think about something more what could help him just let me know.
The leg is stretch out in straight line, he is trying to fly but he is dragging his body and can't fly. So for now I just wrapped him around blanket so he doesn't move and will wait for tomorrow.
(At first when I got him he eat very little and since then nothing, no drinking too, but I'm not trying to force him.)
If anything changes I will try to post here. Good luck everyone and BTW Happy New Year

KC Foggin

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Hi there and a warm welcome to you from those of us on staff here at BirdForum (y)

Fingers crossed for you and the bird. If you can please keep us updated.


New member
Just checked on him after night. He make "kaka" but I don't think he eat anything. He doesn't try to fly but maybe because he was in dark and sleepy. I didn't touch him much but you can see at 1 leg some cut to blood so I apply a sugar (to kill bacteria). Got SMS from lady that she called vet or something. But she didn't write what she found out. So I will post when got more news. And here is photo.

Edit. Just got SMS, lady will come at 14 and she will take him to Lacroix Falgarde where they awaiting for bird. So that's seems like end of my journey with peagon. Gl everyone;)


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