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emmae in Leptocoma sperata emmae (1 Viewer)

Björn Bergenholtz

... earlier a k a "Calalp"
Sigh, and sorry, but I didn't intend to stretch anything, nor did I (strictly speaking) translate "jovial and open" into "gay". I just wanted to hint at what I believed could be a possible reason of why Jabouille's supposed/alleged wife seems to be, or could be, so hard to find.

Either way; it's always tricky (and somewhat risky) trying to interpret the finer nuances in language from a text translated over and over (from French, to English, to Swedish), and certainly so when not understanding French, not fluent in English, as well as uncertain of the first translation, even more so when dealing with such a short excerpt.

Of course, Jabouille could have been "straight as a fiddle", or not, in this context; nothing but happy to meet a guy in the same age, free to roam the surroundings, when he realized that Delacour wasn't an old, pompous professor.

And thanks Laurent, for the remark on the erroneous 'solonnel', you're perfectly right (should have been 'solennel' (solemn). Typo, my slippery fingers, sorry. I really should try to stay away from these French guys (and texts), but ... what can one do? When the searchlight is switched on?

(I certainly know birders who never married without being gays, and who prefer birding trips with people who do not bring a non-birding family with them. Don't you? ;))

I certainly do! I was one of them myself, for years and year (read; decades), before I met my wife ...

That's way before I ended up here, nowadays somewhat sadly (no blame on her part) spending most of my 'birding' activities in front of a screen.


Björn Bergenholtz

... earlier a k a "Calalp"
However, let's leave Jabouille's sexual orientation, and while we wait for the results of more knowledgeable readers of the French Obituary, let's focus on trying to find the Death year of his dear Mother Emma, who (at this point) seems to be the most likely dedicatee.

Thereby, let's return to Pierre Jabouille's, Death record (from 1947, see Martins second last link in post #1, or/alt. the attached jpg, in #6) where I think we might find a possible clue, that maybe could take us a bit further ... as we're told [my blue]:
Pierre Charles Edmond JABOUILLE, ...chevalier de la Légion d'Honneur, Resident supérieur Honoraire des Colonies, fils de Arthur Jabouille, et de Emma Jenny Lejeune, ...
The odd thing is that I cannot find Pierre Jabouille himself, in Base Léonore (here, alt. here) , where we normally find all (or most) of those Chevalier de la Légion d'Honneur ... !?
La base Léonore donne accès aux dossiers nominatifs des personnes nommées ou promues dans l'Ordre de la Légion d'honneur depuis 1802 et décédées avant 1977. ... / Google Translate: The Léonore database provides access to the nominative files of persons appointed or promoted to the Order of the Legion of Honor since 1802 and who died before 1977. ...
Usually there are several documents on every single Officier/Chevalier/Commandeur de la Légion d'Honneur, but in Pierre Jabouille's case ... nothing.

Either way; it does look like he (at some point) was made Chevalier ... (possibly in 1925?), see: Pluie Rouge: Titulaire civils de la Légion d'Honneur en Indochine (... sont absent de la base Léonore, qui se limite aux dossiers versés aux Archives nationales), here (p.94 of 215); "Mise en ligne : 25 juin 2014/Dernière modification : 31 janvier 2020", where we're told:
Jabouille (Pierre-Charles-Edmond), administrateur de 1re classe des services civils de l'Indochine; 28 ans 6.mois 21 jours de services, dont 18 ans 4 mois 12 jours aux coIonies;
That's what I call a detailed record (of time in service)!

But no trace what-so-ever of an even possible wife of Pierre Jabouille (if he ever had one, of course) ;)


PS. And what's this about?
JABOUILLE (Pierre, Charles, Edmond) 1904, 5 sept. (on p.44)

Björn Bergenholtz

... earlier a k a "Calalp"
Léonore continuation ... in the search for Emma (i.e. her Death)

Oddly in Base Léonore (see the earlier link/s, in post #22) is that the link/documents for "JABOUILLE, Louis Arthur" [which ought to be his dear Father, or (less likely) a namesake?] takes us, at least me, to a certain "André Jabot"?!? Which (to me, not understanding French) looks like just an erroneous link. And when I take a look at "JABOT, André" I find myself starring at the documents of a "Alexandre (Charles Sy/ilvestre) Jabouin" ... ?

What's happened with Base Léonore? Earlier it has worked perfectly ...

BUT (even weirder!) when I click on the links for "JABOILLE Severin Gabriel" (born "1895/04/30") I suddenly find the documents for "Louis Arthur Jabouille" (born 1842), at/in Ruffec!!! Document 5 (here, of 7) does tell us something about his Family.

Though, if it tells us anything useful I cannot say, but hopefully so?


PPS. Does anyone else have similar trouble with Léonore? Or is it maybe my resent update (last Tuesday) to macOS Catalina (Version 10.15.6), that makes dear Léonore a bit intractable?
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Speak softly and carry a long lens
Quick summary of Delacour's _necrologie_ of Pierre Jabouille: there's not much that interests us.

Jabouille first went to Indochina in 1905, where he had a post in the colonial government. Delacroix met him there in late 1923 or early 1924. (Specifically, in Quang Tri.) (Note that Jabouille would have been in his late thirties -- no longer very young himself.)

The two men got along famously, and returned briefly to France together in 1924, then both returned to Indochina in 1925, continuing to collaborate on ornithology.

While in Indochina, Jabouille amassed a collection (both zoological and archaeological) which became the Museum of Hue.

Jabouille retired (to France) in 1933, but continued working with Delacroix on Indochinese ornithology. (It's not clear how much time Delacroix spent in Indochina vs France during this period, but I get the impression that Delacroix favored expeditions of a few months with substantial time in France between them.)

At this stage Jabouille started having unspecified health problems, which Delacroix blames on "colonial life". But the two men continued working together until separated by the war.

There's nothing about any particular species of bird.

No mention of a wife or any other companion. (The word "gai" does appear, but in a quite innocent context.) No mention of his parents, either.

I can't help speculating that some of the "colonial" disease might have been venereal.
He would have had endless opportunities to be, um, social with the native population.
That would help explain why Jabouille never married -- regardless of his tastes in gender.

Overall the Necrologie is consistent with Pierre Jabouille being a lifelong bachelor, but tells us nothing else about Emma.
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Björn Bergenholtz

... earlier a k a "Calalp"
Thanks! :t:

Thereby, the search goes on ...

More of about Pierre Jabouille's Father (all in French); here [far down the page, from No. 124/5 - 129, (in grey, to the left of the text itself)]:
Jabouille (Louis Arthur)
Né à Ruffec (Charente) le 23 octobre 1842 d’Edmond Thomas, lieutenant de gendarmerie, chev. L.H. et de Rose Petit. Marié (d’après l’acte de décès) à Poitiers (Vienne) à Emma Jenny Lejeune, 31 ans, née à Besançon (Doubs), dont il eut quatre enfants. Mort à Paris (8e) le 25 février 1887.

Préfet de Maine-et-Loire, 1/15 mai 1882 - 25 avril 1885.
Ami personnel de Jules Grévy, Jabouille incarne la figure du « Préfet de choc » (Isabelle Emeriau). Il arrive en Maine-et-Loire au cours de l’année 1882, et entend mener une véritable guerre contre le cléricalisme. C’est une mission difficile ...

... and onwards.
And; even more (also in French) about several members of the Jabouille Family (here, far down the page), in a blog-post from "dimanche 20 juillet 2014", covering the Jabouilles, from "François Jabouille (1786-1728)", all the way until "our guy" Pierre and his Father (as well as his youngest Brother):
Louis Arthur Jabouille, naquit le 23 octobre 1842 à Ruffec. ... Ce fut à Saintes, qu'il épousa, le 16 septembre 1873, Emma Jenny Lejeune, fille de Charles Émile, chef d'exploitation au chemin de fer des Charentes, et de Victorine Henriette Brunet. ...
Si j'en crois l'ordonnance, ce dernier Jabouille a dû être anobli automatiquement, mais son acte de décès ne fait aucune mention d'un anoblissement. Son fils aîné, Pierre Charles Edmond Jabouille, naquit le 25 novembre 1875 à Saintes. A ma grande surprise, je découvrais que celui-ci possède une fiche wikipedia : il fut un ornithologue ayant travaillé en Indochine. Il mourut le 14 mai 1947 à Paris-16e. J'ignore si sa lignée se poursuit. Il avait un frère, Paul Louis Edmond Jabouille, né le 6 février 1884 à Angers, qui fut marié, le 4 juin 1917 à Soleure (Suisse), à Simone Gabrielle Lasalle.
Maybe of some help?



Speak softly and carry a long lens
The latest blog post links to a french wikipedia page for Pierre (very sparse):
https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pierre_Jabouille. That page links to an English-language obituary, by Delacour and Willoughby P. Lowe.
That obituary shares many phrasings with Delacour's French version.
It's briefer in general, with just a few explanations added for the benefit of a non-French audience.

But it includes a bit more detail about Pierre's health late in life: "He nearly lost his eyesight and the use of his legs." Which sounds to me like it could be tertiary-stage syphilis.
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Well-known member
Maybe it is worth to follow the path https://www.ancestry.co.uk/search/?name=Charles_LeJeune&name_x=s&spouse=Marie_Boudreau Charles Emile Lejeune and Marie Hélène Lucie Régent on Ancestry? Her father may be born 31. January 1828 in Metz https://books.google.com/books?id=_uVTAAAAcAAJ&pg=PA4264 .

@ Paul (if you read): Have you looked into this Ancestry record? If yes of any help? She is also mentioned https://www.ancestry.com/search/?name=Emma+Jenny_Jabouille&name_x=_1 1896 in Vienne (Isère).
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Björn Bergenholtz

... earlier a k a "Calalp"
... That page links to an English-language obituary, by Delacour and Willoughby P. Lowe. ...
Same Obituary as in #5, David ;) (... by the way; nice photos of your home page/s)

And (while taking of photos), in A brief history of ormithological [sic] discovery discovery [sic, sic!] in Vietnam (here), by Vietnam:Birding, we find a Photo of; "Willougby P. Lowe, Jean Delacour & Pierre Jabouille". Even more Photos (many!) from Delacour's home/park/chateau, at Cléres have been posted on Facebook (here), incl. a better version of the photo above. And a closer Portrait of Pierre Jabouille himself.

For some additional info (nothing major) about their work together, see The Avicultural magazine 94, No.1-2 (1988), here.

Well guys, I'm done, that's about as far as I can reach regarding emmae and Jabouille.

Good luck finding the very last piece/s.

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The Paris (Vienne) Census record referred to in the second to last post shows that the 40 year old widowed Emma-Jenny was living with her offspring (including Pierre) in Vienne in 1896 (attached).


  • census.JPG
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I think we can find her in census 1906 in Deux-Sèvres if we look at https://www.filae.com/ enter Last name Jabouille and first name Emma and click search.

Sorry we have to be careful Emma Marie Albertine JABOUILLE (1887-1982) p. 39 of 138 is no child of her.

Therefore I would not go further than 1901 in Vienne (not sure which town, village).
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