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England lockdown policy (7 Viewers)


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I was quite happy in October/ November driving 30 mins to either Keyhaven or New Forest. I was confident I wouldn't get close to anyone, buy my lunch at my local shop etc.

Then when the Tiers changed, New forest was lower than my area, so they were a no go. I had a couple of nice walks the other side of Romsey, about 5 minutes drive.

A week or 2 later the lockdown came in, and the other side of Romsey is now out of bounds for me! I'm stuck with walking distance from my house!

The river Test, and some flooded farmland is 4 miles walk along nice quiet lanes, so I can do that if I have 3 hours to spare, and am starting to go mad. Only had to do that once so far!

I think it might be time to fix the moth trap, and hope for milder evenings!

As for petrol.. Luxembourg is noticeably cheaper! We passed thru a couple of years ago. I'd filled up in Switzerland, which is probably the most expensive European diesel. Sadly a bit far to take advantage of!


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Ed Davey, leader of the Lib-Dems, has just argued on the Andrew Marr show, that it is 'appropriate' for their campaigners to be leafleting, door to door and the way it complies with guidelines, is that it falls under 'volunteer organisations', because the leafleters are unpaid volunteers!
That 'volunteer organisation' category is liable to the 'opening-a-can-of-worms' effect. Most Council Members of OBC, ABC, NBC and OSME are volunteers, as are many who provide data for the BTO...:unsure::unsure::unsure:


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Seems as though it's still alright if you live in Hampshire to be driving around the county birding, a few quick looks at the Going Birding site show people showing off with their sightings and photographs of birds from sites clearly at some distance from where they live, Four Marks to Titchfied Haven and Farlington, and even yesterday Romsey to the Martin Down area.
More non-essential journeys for an activity that's not considered to be daily exercise.

Idiots the lot of them and gives me further reason to support my NHS ICU working daughter who's handed in her notice because people clearly don't want helping by her and her colleagues.


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Not to justify the travels outlined above but as a volunteer delivering shopping, medical supplies and going to local hospital. I have taken my daily exercise in places more than 5K from my home; either on the way back from the task or from the place I have visited. If I can go into shops and pharmacies in these areas I don't feel at all guilty in walking around with binoculars in open areas there.
I have wondered about taking my DSLR camera but I guess then it looks like recreation rather than walking.

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