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Exchange action of Zeiss straps!!! (1 Viewer)


New member
Same here, still waiting for my strap to arrive.

I emailed them today after a month without a strap arriving and they cheerfully informed me it should be shipped within the next six weeks.
Fortunately due to my lack of use of sun protection I'm more likely to die of skin cancer from the sun before my strap kills me


I have received the new strap(s), they look and feel quite a bit as the old ones with 2 exceptions:
-they are visibly longer (a welcome change if you have a "beer belly", but if you don't then the binos might be hanging way too low---of course there is always the solution of shortening the strap)
-there is a green dot on the package, probably signifying the fact that this is a "greener" strap than the one it replaces.


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I did also send them an email and was also told it might take 5 to 6 weeks.
Regarding the voucher: they confirmed that I should get one when registering for the exchange. However, I did already register for the exchange and didn't receive any (no voucher-code or attachment to the confirmation email, nor in a separate email). Strange.


Staff member
It must be a pretty huge task that Zeiss has undertaken. They presumably have to change all the straps in all the boxes of binos in stock in Wetzlar, in sister companies around Europe and in all the dealers around Europe, as well as supplying straps to customers. And going forward I am sure they will extend the use of the new strap to all binos being shipped all over the world. It would make any sense at all to have different SKUs for binos partnered with different straps for sale in different markets around the world. Better to purchase bigger quantities of just one strap. Quite a task when you start to analyse it.



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voucher only for countries with a Zeiss online shop...

I have just received news from Zeiss:
The customer service checked why I didn't receive a voucher. It appears that they only offer the voucher to customers in countries where they have an online shop, which is not the case for Belgium :-C
It seems like quite a silly decision, especially as you have to pay for the shipment anyway (with the voucher or extra) and that these are online stores (and that there are some in countries within the EU, where we don't have to pay import taxes from etc.).


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I’m not sure whether the Zeiss Replacement Strap(s) are the correct replacement straps for my 8x42 HT Binoculars as I’ve received 2 straps as at present, I’ve just got 1 strap connected to my HT Binoculars. On the 2 covers of which the 2 straps have arrived in the large envelope there are some numbers of what I presume is the model number. The numbers are as follows on the 2 covers are 000000-2347-781, of which I presume is the model number. On my statement from Zeiss it says Replacement Straps Binoculars (Standard). But nowhere does it mention HT Binoculars. I would post a photo, but not sure how to. Does anyone know with the information I’ve posted, whether these are the correct straps, as previously I’ve just had 1 strap on my 8x42 HT Binoculars. Thanks if your able to help.


Binocular Engineer
Yes, you have the correct strap for your HT binocular.

It is exactly the same strap for all binocular models.



New member
Contaminants such as PAHs are the issue...

Near as I can tell is that it may be poisonous.:news::h?:


Potentially toxic and/or carcinogenic compounds including polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) were found in surprisingly high concentrations in the majority of binocular straps tested by a very thorough German testing body for many brands (some also seem to have had issues with other rubberised parts too, though Zeiss points out that the Terra ED models I checked are at safe levels aside from the strap). I think the concern arises due to potentially long direct contact with the user’s skin.


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I received mine today. It doesn't seem as well made as the original, to be honest, so this one will go into the box and I'll keep using the old one.


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I received mine today. It doesn't seem as well made as the original, to be honest, so this one will go into the box and I'll keep using the old one.

This - exactly! In fact my new one had a significant defect in the nylon webbing - see photos. I have expressed my concerns to Zeiss and asked for a replacement. I'll see what happens.


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