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eyecups for custom compact 7x26 (1 Viewer)


I am hoping to replace torn eyecups on these custom compact 7x26 that belonged to my grandmother. They are fold-down style, and the model is older (metal housing), but I don't know the exact age. I called Bushnell, but they could only tell me that the part is no longer available and offered a discount on a new order. Because they have sentimental value, I'm not looking to replace them outright. Can anyone suggest a suitable replacement for the eyecups? Or, what do I need to look for in a 3rd-party eyecup to determine whether it will fit, and where might I look? I did check B&H, but didn't see anything that looked suitable, and I'm not very familiar with binoculars/optics generally. PXL_20201020_202835358~2.jpg


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Brings back memories....I have this same glass, purchased it in 1980. I was in Spokane Washington at a corporate tech school when I read an article in an Audubon magazine about Bald Eagles making their annual "run" at Lake Coeur d'Alene. Had to see that so I hitched hike to Idaho, I didn't have binoculars but I had about 110 dollars in my pocket. I purchased the bincos at some little fishing supply store just off the lake, cost me 100 bucks....the only glass I could afford at the time, they had 'em and I bought 'em, don't know if they were over priced or not.

Anyway, I now keep 'em in my glove compartment.......I use 'em, not daily but they're a good glass and I'm glad I have 'em.

Many years ago I was looking for replacement cups. I settled on Field Optics Research Compact Binocular EyeShield. It may not be what you're looking for but they work good on this compact bino. They fit over the old standard eye cup (fully extended, not rolled down) that came with be 7x26 compact glass. My eye cups weren't torn but they were hard and brittle.

You can find these same cups on eBay or Amazon.

Hope this help, if not google is your friend.

Welcome to BF, stick around and enjoy yourself......thanks for the memories, it was nice visiting my birding days from 40 years ago...!!
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That sounds like a fun trip, SanAngelo! Thanks for sharing your story and suggestion. I think these will find a home in my glove box as well.

The compact FieldOptics eye shields say they fit diameters of 1.10" to 1.46". That's a range of more than 3/8" -- how is that possible? Wouldn't they need to be sized more precisely? You mentioned that you installed over the original eye-cups. Was that because they would not have fit with the cups removed?

Ideally I'd like to find a style that is closer to the original fold-downs, though I can see how the "shield" style probably provide better protection. So it sounds like outside diameter is the only relevant spec? I'll keep looking :)


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I own a mint version of the original 7x26 Bushnell, which is slightly different than yours because the strap lugs are located on the inside near the hinge. Otherwise, it looks identical.

The original eyecups measure 1.25" OD, which is close to the center of the 1.10" - 1.46" range of the FieldOptics eye shields. So my guess is that they would probably stretch and might make a nice fit over your existing eyecups.

The original binoculars have a bit of history since it flew on the two NASA Gemini space flights in the mid-1960s. Accordingly, they have very nice optics.



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Thanks, Ed - I'll keep the FieldOptics in mind if I can't find the fold-down style. Would prefer to keep the original look and feel, if possible.
I had the exactly same question today. I have both a 6x25 and 7x26 needing eye cups. If you search Amazon for replacement eye cups for binoculars they have a wide selection. My 7x26 need about a 29mm and I think my 6x25 need a little larger one. I am going to measure again when I get home and place an order for two pairs.


Hi DavidEnoch,

Which items are you considering? Agree that OD looks to be 29mm. I'm leaning toward the OMAX small eyecups (28-30mm). They look comfortable and a customer answer says they can be folded down like the originals.

I'm thinking I will leave the base of the original cups intact since they fit into the original groove around the outside and create a flush surface for the new cups. The fold-down part is what is tearing off, and I can cut away the remainder.

I think I got these:
They were 29mm-30mm.
I got the eye cups last night. They fit well. They are thicker than the originals and I am not sure if they will fold down but they worked both with and without my glasses so it isn't an issue.
They slid down almost all the way to the main body. They look and function well for me.

Those OMAX may be better than what I got.
David Enoch


Here's what I got: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00FG8B474

My experience sounds similar to yours - the replacements are thicker than the originals, and they do fold down, but not neatly or easily, and they won't fit into my original case when extended.

I trimmed off the fold-down portion of the old eyecups (which were tearing off anyway) and left intact the base ring of the cups (which fits into a groove) and the portion that lies flat around the eyepiece. The diameter of the new eyecups is good, but because they are longer than the originals, they flare out somewhat as they extend down beyond the length of the original base and overlap the diopter ring. I could trim off the excess, but I'm not sure they would grip securely with the limited surface area.

I guess this is a "good enough" solution for me, although I would still love to swap them out with the original eyecups if they are ever available. Thanks for your input and lmk if you find something better!


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