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I observed this falcon in the spring of 2018, on the Black Sea coast near Burgas in Bulgaria.

Ever since I have not been certain if it's a saker or a juvenile peregrine. The saker does pass through the region on migration, yet the peregrine is a more common wintering species there.

The bird made a sweep across a small bay, where I was observing and managed to make the 3 pictures attached.

Any clues would be appreciated.


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Deb Burhinus

Used to be well known! 😎
It’s not an easy set of images - It would have to be a Northern type if it is Peregrine I guess, given such a pale head but the slim-bodied, small-headed and apparently blunt winged structure favour Lanner imo. Perhaps, given the brownish tinges to the mantle, an immature bird? There’s no way either of knowing from these images if it is a falconer’s hybrid either.


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Thank you very much for your ideas. I had not thought of a hybrid. Also I did not notice falconers or other people around, but not impossible, I guess.

Lanner is yet another interesting idea, but I am not sure if it's been recorded in the region - will check.

Thank you!

Deb Burhinus

Used to be well known! 😎
Hi V11235813

Falconer’s birds escape and can survive in the wild so it wouldn’t be necessary to see anybody. You're right, Saker could also be possible but the wings looked too lightish grey on my monitor so for that, I didn’t give it the consideration it might deserve.

Ps is there any reason you have a string of numbers rather than a name, it makes it quite odd to address you! 🤔

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