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Fatbirder - site safety/security concerns (1 Viewer)


Nature addict
Hi there,
I know quite a few of you have the Fatbirder widget on their website.

I went to their Site the other day to check their Info on Kuwait and couldn't access their page. My Internet provider told me it contains Malware.

Have sent an email to them, but no answer yet.

Today I tried to open my Blog and it told me the same darn thing.
Have removed the widget now.

Does anyone else have this problem or is it just my silly Internet provider or do I have a problem on my Computer?

Any ideas?

Thanks & B :)


Nature addict
I finally checked the details google chrome gives
(after trying to access the 3rd page and getting the malware message).

What is the current listing status for birdingtop500.com?
Site is listed as suspicious - visiting this web site may harm your computer.

Part of this site was listed for suspicious activity 1 time(s) over the past 90 days.

What happened when Google visited this site?
Of the 14 pages we tested on the site over the past 90 days, 9 page(s) resulted in malicious software being downloaded and installed without user consent. The last time Google visited this site was on 2010-07-27, and the last time suspicious content was found on this site was on 2010-07-27.

More Info here

Until they solve it, I have removed my widget from Fatbirder :(


Well-known member.....apparently so ;)
DON'T VISIT!!!! My girlf looked something up for me the other day on her works laptop and got a spyware virus that just crashed her laptop and had to be rebuilt by the computer geeks at her place. She's not impressed - esp as she was doing me a favour...oops!!!


Registered User
I can't make head nor tail of the Google reaction. They give it a green tick, despite saying 'this site may harm your computer'! Makes you lose trust somewhat.


Nature addict
That sucks :( !
More than :(

I could access the top lists in the last two days, now even they seem to be infected :(
Maybe that was why you still got a green light?

I am using google chrome only since a few weeks (all other browsers stopped cooperating) and got this message for the first time, so I was really wondering what the heck this is about....
It seems that all of the fatbirder websites have a very nasty trojan attached which knocked out my PC for about two hours. I checked Google and found that there is a message stating may harm your PC.

I often use the link on top 500 birding sites to access other sites and navigated from birdguides this morning and immediately pc was infected. All 32 win system files not accessable and all access to any program blocked. I contacted Bird guides and they confirmed the counter had been removed as this could compromise your PC. It seems that fatbirder has been passing malware for some time and last week someone hacked to all of our bank accounts

I would strongly recommend all users to remove any links to the fatbirder top 500 as you will get infected

James Lidster

Well-known member
I can't access Dutch Birding, Punkbirder, or Iceland website as i get the same malware from Birding500, and i dont even have their widget!


André Weiss
Opus Editor
I'm using Firefox on a Mac and have no problems whatsoever with all these websites....



Well-known member
Do people think its possible to pick up the trojan/malware by just visiting a site with the fatbirder widget on? I went onto one such site using Internet Explorer (so wasn't notified about the risk) and am slightly worried that the laptop might have picked something up.
I got the malware from the birding 500 widget attached to birdguides and pc was totally disabled with no access to any program.

to solve the problem pc was booted in safe mode and scanned by malwarebytes which removed the infection after nearly 2 hours of scanning.

I contacted birdguides and they removed the widget as they were aware of the problem.

I would strongly suggest that if you have the widget attached to your site remove it without delay


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Removed... though what on earth is the comment above about "last week someone hacked to all of our bank accounts"?


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Just had this thread pointed out to me (Thanks Rich!) and have taken off my Fatbirder counter as a pre-caution anyway. Too much time, data and effort to lose my websites for the sake of an Ego-counter!
hi all the malware that is attached to fatbirder looks for passwords, bank details and we were attacked last week and i didn't realise where attack came from. My wifes bank details were obtained and they attempted to steal £21,000. Luckily we spotted the same day.

The malware looks for all passwords, bank details etc

Marcus Conway - ebirder

Well-known member
Me too! Spend ages building a site, but fortunately a friend contacted me today about this. Have removed all the fatbirder links that were within my site.

Scary - must be affecting hundred if not thousands of birders websites!

Seriously worried now too!


Well-known member
Just had this thread pointed out to me (Thanks Rich!) and have taken off my Fatbirder counter as a pre-caution anyway. Too much time, data and effort to lose my websites for the sake of an Ego-counter!
Quite right Paul - I've just done the same and am passng the message around to all I know.


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Just a thought: could one of the mods perhaps do something to (temporarily) make this a sticky, or otherwise advertise the risk?

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