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Fayetteville, NC Question (1 Viewer)


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I am VERY new to birding. Just discovered I liked shooting birds in my backyard and have taken it to new levels with 9 feeders. LoL Yeah I go all out on hobbies. One bird has caught my attention and it's probably easy for most but I never see him get up to his perch. I always seem to look when he's there getting settled. Was wondering if someone could tell me what he is.



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Hi and welcome to Bird Forum!
There are lots of real photography enthousiasts on BF, so you'll fit right in.

Your bird is a female Brown Headed Cowbird.
Note the big bill and the bulky appearance. The male is a snazzy black with a brown head and neck, hence the name.
Cowbirds are brood parasites, usually afflicting warblers and similar smaller birds, so they are not a favorite for most birders. They used to follow the buffalo herds, so nest building was not an option for them, but they adapted.

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Hi again Images.

Last year I think almost my entire population of Cardinal's nests were affected by the Cowbirds. Was very sad watching a mother cardinal feeding a juvie Cowbird.

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