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Feeding notes to decrease conflict/increase variety (1 Viewer)


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I've only been at this bird feeding and photographing for a few months. I started with pantry food I didn't want anymore (went mostly keto, didn't have a use for crackers), Ritz crackers. Results were great, I saw Brown Thrashers and Carolina Wrens. Ran out of Ritz, put out saltines. They didn't really like that. So I went and got cheap birdseed that's about 60% red milo which they won't eat either. So I moved on to mealworms. Those are a hit. But they are a hit with the Northern Mockingbirds and they scrap with each other and drive off other birds. I was happy to see a cardinal pop in this morning, it had been a week or so since I had one of them stop by.

I've been using a single heavy plate as a feeder tray for all 4 of my offerings: 1)mealworms 2) cheap bird seed 3) crackers 4) crushed mixed nuts. With the mockingbirds being so aggressive, I'm thinking I should set up different feeding locations/systems in order to have a move diverse group of visitors. There is only one prime space by my WFH window, but that's OK, I'm doing my bird photograpy with remote.

Anyone have tips of what and how I should be feeding so that I don't just have a few pushy visitors?

Thanks in Advance

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What about hummingbirds, they need those syrup feeder things?

Do the crackers have salt in them? Birds (apart from a few sea birds) are unable to process salt, and it could kill them, so it's best to steer clear of any food product made for human consumption really, as nearly all have salt in.


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Could you buy better quality bird seed? Suet balls, peanuts which are for birds, chopped apples and niger seed. Crackers made for humans are not suitable for birds.

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