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Dear members and bird watchers!

I found a Feral Pigeon in the middle of Gulf of Thailand

The bird had one yellow ring with no marking and one green ring marked:

Thailand HFT 2019 92257

I have sent several emails to different birding club and the
Dept. of National Parks
Wildlife and Plant Conservation
Ministry of Natural Resources & Environment
as they are listed on EURING's web page. But this email was not in use any more

Anyone know where I can get information about this bird?

Kind regards and happy birding


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A racing pigeon ring - not a wild bird, someone's pet :t:

Thank you! Appreciated!

As I suspected, the bird was exposed to strong wind and heavy rain on the oil field and when I grabbed the bird to bring it to shelter it was not scared. So my thought was a bird used to humans.

And also, I left the bird in cover from the elements and I put food that it was not interested in, a feral pigeon not interested in food, never heard of. So I guess the bird was used to better food than bread and rice.

I will try to look for racing pigeon web pages to see if I can get any information

Kind regards and happy birding

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