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Finally seeing UVHD plus image in all its glory (1 Viewer)


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Interested to know over what distance you all set your dioptre corrections.

Yesterday on a visit to Gary at ECBR in Norfolk I learnt what I now realize I'd been told before: to set it at about 100 yards. My error had been to set at much closer range thinking that if I could get the tricky close focus right it would be the most accurate method of setting.

Anyway, having done this for 7x42 UVHD Plus I finally saw just how brilliant and immersive and sharp the image could be, as with the Leitz camera lenses. The image since I got the glass has been colourful, immersive, just not absolutely sharp till now.

Having heard from other users how wonderful this item is it had been gnawing at me that mine didn't seem more than pretty good, i.e not good enough in actual fact though I didn't want to admit it. Now it brings a smile to my face and really does justice to everything. As if to celebrate birdlife was extremely active today. The strangest thing was seeing a magpie do a spectacular drop from a high treetop, going in a neat freefall several feet before opening his wings and going from a vertical drop to flying horizontally. Before he took the plunge I was pleased not to see any CA on his black and white plumage edges.

The 8x32 UVHD Plus on the other hand is on the edge of adjustment parameters. How long should I expect a round trip to Wetzlar (?) to take for it to be brought back to proper adjustment? I will try it again tomorrow before being convinced it's the glass rather than yours truly that's at fault but really something that price needs to be right and able to be enjoyed.

But to get back to the original question, at what distance do you set your dioptre corrections? Or do you vary it depending on the likely target viewing distances for your observations?

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I opt to set my diopter at reasonably long range. I've found that I get a better overall result that way, initially I had read about setting it at shorter distances (30m or so?) which I did so for a while. Now that I'm setting it at much further distances I'm observing better consistency from near to far. I don't find the need to adjust the setting dependent on distance or terrain, it's more a matter of one size fits all.
Regarding the UV HD+ 7x42, I don't quite share your enthusiasm. Don't get me wrong as it's very nice but doesn't wow me like my EDG 8x32.
To expand on the diopter setting thing I'll add (to my other arbitrary distances) that I'll often look for something at about half distance of how far I can see in an environment where I can basically see to the horizon. In short, I'm focusing on something quite a distance away. Often a matter of kilometres rather than metres.
Further to this from memory I can get a good result at distances of 200-300m? Overall if you check your setting and it's good at close/intermediate/infinity then it doesn't really matter on the original distance you chose (to set the diopter). That said you may well find that a distance too close or too far could possibly result in being less adequate for various reasons.
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