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Hello All,

I hope I have chosen the right place for this question. I have a Pentax PF-80 spotting scope, the 20-60 zoom lens, the Williams eye piece and a Nikon CP-4500. I am struggling with this and the focus problem, but having a pretty good time doing so. The information here has been very helpful.

But here is my question. My wife is still into prints and has a Pentax ZX-L. Pentax makes an adaptor that allows her camera to be attached to the PF-80. This adaptor runs on the expensive side (to me) at +$300.00 US. From what I read here most folks are happy w/the eye pieces that Pentax makes that can be used w/the scope and as those eye pieces are in about the same price range, I am wondering if the quality of the adaptor as good and are the pictures sharp. Is there a learning curve that compares to the one I’m going through w/the Nikon?

If your responses are positive ref the adaptor, I’m thinking about saving my pennies and waiting for the market to drop out from under the Pentax D-*ist … any input here?

As I said in my “Hello Post” I’m a beginner, but pretty much hooked on digiscoping … not just on birds but all wildlife. And because my wife cancelled my “Note from Home” I’m pretty much relegated to chasing the birds w/feathers, therefore I really don’t have much of anything else to save my pennies for.

I thank you in advance for the inputs,



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Hi Dick,

And welcome to the Forum from me too. I have no practical experience on Pentax photo adapters, so take my comments for what they are worth.

I think photo adapters and real eyepieces are very different animals. A scope with a photo adapter is more like a clumsy telephoto lens (approximately 1000 mm). Their image quality should be OK, but they are quite slow (f/10-14), make it difficult to use the scope for viewing - and have a relatively low power (compared to "real" digiscoping). If you ask me - yes, I would stick with the CP4500 and maybe buy a good fixed, high eye-relief eyepiece (if my wife would agree). :t:



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Hey Ilkka,

Thank you for the welcome and the advice. You said pretty much what I thought, but like most men POWER is what it is all about and as I have the scope it is something that is somewhat difficult not to take advantage of. Perhaps the answer is to get my wife to get a little closer to those pesky grizzles.

Thanks again


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