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First time with a nest - wrens, questions and mockingbird concerns (1 Viewer)


New member
A pair of Carolina Wrens built a nest on a shelf on my backyard patio. Since then, I've taken a somewhat anxious and obsessive protective eye over them - basically don't want anything to happen to them.

Well, first I woke up one day and a squirrel was in the same shelf with the nest, the mother bird was losing her mind (note, there's a bag of seed and nuts on the same shelf but it touches the nest and I'm afraid to move it.

So I scared him off (and do so once a day every day almost at the exact same time). To help protect them, I wrapped the shelf in chicken wire just barely over an inch. I see the birds get in and out with ease so figure better than nothing.

Next problem:

There's a damn mockingbird that sits on a tall electrical poll I'm my backyard and stays there and sings all day. I've seen him dive at the wren once when we was flying back into the forest behind my house.

So questions:

The eggs hatched 2 (3?) Days ago...I only see them feeding the hatchlings in the morning every 15-20 minutes and then both the mother and father birds typically leave in the middle of the day and come back around 6-7pm. Is this small amount of feeding normal for the hatching at this stage?

Second question plays off of that, the wrens are very hesitant to fly in my yard to their nest and will sit there and watch the mockingbird for 5-10 minutes at a time...is this the cause for the delayed feeding and does this mean the hatchlings will die or will the birds get used to it and pick up the pace?

Final question, one I feel is rhetorical...is there any way to net rid of the damn mockingbird?

Thank you so much for you help in advance. Sadly I'm losing sleep over this. I just want this little birds to make it.


Young birder
I do not know how to get rid of the mockingbird, but the nestlings should be fine. And never shoot A mockingbird or anybird, they are protected by law

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