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Flycatcher, Ontario (1 Viewer)


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Thank you. It is definitely by the shape and everything else but it's tail has no orange colour, that's why I turned back.


Eduardo Amengual

Is it real to ID this fellow?


Do you have any other pics of it? It looks a Great Crested to my eyes but, flycatchers on this kind of pics (no offence intended) can be very tricky and it's always better to check any other images available.
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I took a good long look at this after Motmot's suggestion of GC Flycatcher.

I think I'm seeing an Empidonax, but it does seem to have an awfully large head. I do think that the strong wing bars and suggestion of eye-ring point to an Empid. If so, I'd say Willow/Alder.


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Not sure, but I think that's the guy. Willow?


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bronze sunbird

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Empids are a nightmare. There is no practical way to separate Willow from Alder unless you hear then call. In the old days they were just lumped together as Traill's Flycatcher.


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I am confused. Are the second and third pictures the same bird as the first?

Not necessarily, as I wrote before, just the same spot, a small tree in a meadow. And I heard songs of both of them around there. Anyway, thats ok. Another example of how confusing could by pictures of birds :)

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