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Fujinon TS12X28 (1 Viewer)


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First IS bins I've viewed. Going rate is 549USD. These were described as used very good $370 being hawked by Amazon warehouse. The land of returns almost always described as packed in original box w\box having damage.

I posted my first thoughts in a Canon Vs thread if you're so of mind to look up. Having never viewed the Canon 12x36 I've little doubt they outperform the Fuji. Field flattener, proper 5* FOV & 8mm more objective for starters would seem enough. To seal the deal they can be had from Canon for a mere extra two & half C notes.

The Fuji image starts softening at 50% out and by 75% Ray Charles could see it. And the FOV is 4.2*. My Monarch 16X56 are 4.1*. However, I'm quite familiar w\that small cone of viewing and 4X & about 1.2mm less ep isn't such a bad dealio when the image is stablised.

Fiberglass combined w\archaic CR2 battery keep the weight under a pound. The auto-off no movement nanny is supposed to shut down the juice at 10 minutes. Replacing the battery that came installed with new cell netted an additional 0:27 for 5:07 total.

One can feel the cycling of stabalising whether on or off looking through or holding in hand. 'Clunk' Well, it is consistent.

I was peering at a bald eagle meandering over the house. A chimney swift, half delta half boomerang wing, pulling a tight circle, came in hot on the bird of prey in an apparent collision course at speed.

The cruising eagle tucked, barrel roll right dropping altitude and continued lumbering along. Then the same scenario played out again as an exact second stanza. The song remains the same.

Though stabalised there is movement of the entire frame. Bothers some I suppose. Not the best optically and seriously lacking real estate to feast upon.

Turning off ever 5:07 can grow weary requiring one to turn off then back on.
However, it grows on you quickly. You can look in off mode in order to save juice, not be forced to turn on again or just to further appreciate the the view when on. And when turned on the effect is immediate.

I've yet to mount the strap. It weighs so little I tote it around in me hand. For the Fuji to entice customers from the 12X36 Canon it needs to drop to 450USD. In comparison to the Canon I cannot recommend them at current prices. Unless to fill a specific niche as hiking\biking where weight is paramount.

If you are accustom to 16X slice of sky the Fuji will fit right in. Tight almost claustrophobic, yet very relaxed view. I really like the little bins. In spite of obvious faults und outmatched they manage to land a few licks grabbing your attention.

As always, YMMV ...

ETA: It would seem I'm mistaken on the field flattener lens being in the Canon 12X36 IS III. I inadvertently had pulled up the Canon 12X32 IS at 1200USD that does as some other models have field flattener lens. Nothing under a grand though.

ETA II: If you are particularly afflicted w\sensitivity to chromatic aberration I'd pass on these. Conditions were rough this more as low lying cloud covered as far as the eye could see. The sun though was bright enough to illuminate as a 100w bulb behind lampshade. There was nowhere I could look w\o CA. Green to the right, violet to the left all the way from edge to center.

Under normal conditions the CA is still obvious enough though not what I consider blatant. You can easily enough see it if you look where you know it resides.
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One quirk for me is the timed auto-off whilst taking a peek. When you physically power down you feel the 'clunk' noting the entire frame moving as IS is clamped down; for lack of more appropriate terminology. As if tiny vise grips have locked down the screen.

Perchance just the opposite in releasing the grip of IS. When off I detect a rattle of sorts at times inside the bin. But the weird sensation I first allude unto is the auto-off in viewing. Now you have the selector at on w]o power. Perhaps over imagination though I seem to sense a bit of movement of the entire frame.

Not nearly the same\as much as when on with too much movement for IS to stabalise though. I appear to detect a difference in the view when on, but auto-off then turning the switch off.

I'm not attempting to nitpick. The IS is immediate upon switching on the view narrow though relaxed. As near as I can tell it is the most financially friendly entry level IS bin. If 12X at roughly 16X FOV fits into your critique.

CR2 batteries, as CR123, can be had for a buck apiece online. Free shipping for $50 sale that will not include C or D cells. Nine volt is as big a battery as they will ship at free for 50. Took a while for me to figure that out as I couldn't understand why I was being charged shipping until I deleted those options.

I'm not sure why my unit powers down at half the advertised time. As cheap as batteries are priced online I'm more concerned w\longevity of the on\off switch duty cycle.

Perhaps much ado over naught.

ETA: I had a shot of Saturn, heading west, a few moments ago through the canopy. I saw three moons. Well, actually at 12X they appeared as stars. Very tiny stars. Light to moderate clouds dimmed sometimes obscuring view, yet persistence paid off w\clear skies finally emerging. As I looked somewhat in awe through the small bins as eyes adjusted a satellite flew by heading east on the last leg of darkness predawn.

I confirmed this w\M5 20X56. Talk about futility in hand held. They were bigger, brighter und they danced jiggly as I vainly attempted me best tripod impersonation.

Not bad at all ...
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Thanks for pointing that out to me. The only way I know if I'm looking at Saturn is w\higher power mounted.

Even then w\meager equipment it appears as having ears instead of rings.
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