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Just a little a quick presentation of myself.

I Love nature since my childhood, born in Europe and "migrated" to wonderfull New Zealand!!!
I do a lot of fishing, kitesurfing and of course Photography!!

Always wanted to do wildlife Photography and create a life work gallery but due to work, money etc etc...always pushed it for later.

But here I am now and wanna start it, in my beautifull second Home country.o:D

Cya Guys



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Hi Andy,

A warm welcome to BirdForum from all the Moderators and Admin. Glad to have you on board :t:

delia todd

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Hi Andy and a warm welcome from me too

I'm sure you will enjoy it here. I'll look forward to hearing all your news and will hopefully see some of your pictures in the Gallery too.



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Welcome to BirdForum! I am sure you will find lots to interest you here, and I hope you enjoy your visits.

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