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General Gear Anxiety with particular Swarovski NL 12x42 thoughts (1 Viewer)


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Thank you for the input Tenex.

I might have given off conflicting reports during my posting but my only major issue with the Meopta 15x56 HD is with glasses. It does work well enough but there is very little wiggle room for me. Without glasses the Meoptas are great in every aspect. I am not saying the Meopta 15x56 HD is poor with glasses - just that I have been spoilt by the 10x32 FL and impressed with the Swarovski 12X.

With the Swarovski 12X NL it was the other way around, viewing with glasses was excellent but at first I struggled to find a setting that worked without glasses.

Thank you for the Bogpod suggestion, looks like a cost effective working solution.

As a former photographer I have been used to shooting longer glass unsupported back in the analog slide and negative film days, keeping a steady hand and controlled breathing. I also did a fair share of classic archery which helped as well. After sixteen years of carpentry I admit I am a bit worn and not as steady as before.

After this trial period I am at least certain I am gravitating towards the longer end of the spectrum as well as a hand holdable "normal" power binocular.

Since we have very clear night skies I am also looking at getting me a telescope for stargazing, but there are other forums for that. :)


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The pics of your Meopta shows a different model than I am used to.
You have the new diopter/focus system but the armor is different.
How old is your bin?

Hi Jan,

Henrun has the latest B.1 Plus, which is the successor of the B.1.1. The Plus has other looks and updated coatings. Not many of those around yet.


jan van daalen

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Hi Jan,

Henrun has the latest B.1 Plus, which is the successor of the B.1.1. The Plus has other looks and updated coatings. Not many of those around yet.

Ahh, so Meopta is following the Leica doctrine.

Ultravid, becomes Ultravid HD, becomes Ultravid HD+.
Meostar becomes B.1.1, becomes B.1.1Plus.
Steiner has done this trick before.
The Commander Pilot became Commander Jubileum, became Commander XP, became Commander.
Ans every time the dealer has "old stock" to get rid off.

Some would call it the dealers wet dream, I would call it his nightmare.



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Jan, I agree that it is very confusing. If there is an actual improvement in the optics I am still not against it but I would prefer not having to keep track of the exact year or iteration on each model to find out which is the "one to get".

I was not aware of the B1 Plus (which I thought was the same as 1.1 or just a typo) until I tried ordering the B1.1 which was out of stock with no shipping estimate anywhere. I emailed Meopta directly and was informed that the 1.1 was no longer available and that the B1 Plus was a replacement and that they had not shipped out that many units due to corona but they would be happy to ship one out through the sales agent in my country as they had the new batch fresh in stock. :)

As for the Meopta B1 Plus series Meopta states it is a least a little more than a minor update:

"Built on the legendary B1/B1.1 chassis with locking diopter, the B1 Plus features enhanced optical tolerances to provide even sharper images and greater optical performance. Redesigned exterior rubber armor gives the user a more solid grip, contoured to better fit in the hand for comfortable use in the field."

I can't tell the difference - I haven't seen the B1/1.1. I just know that the B1 Plus I have are optically top notch.

The rubber armor is very nice and sturdy but again, I haven't held the previous model so the difference is unknown to me.

The new coating is of course welcome, toghether with the improved optical tolerances it will be two baby steps towards perfection.
I have a sneaking suspicion that the B1 Plus is a way for Meopta to test the waters for the B2 - improved optical tolerances, their MeoBright rifle scope coating, new rubber armor etc.

For glare / flare I think the Meoptas are probably better than the SLC. I base this on my former Swarovski experiences as well as trying out the new NL pure 12x42 which showed glare in the exact same circumstances where none of my others did not. For me this is a drawback as it deteriorates the imaging experience more than field of view or a hair splitting difference in contrast/resolution.

As for eye glass wearers - with my semi deep eye sockets factored in - the Swarovski SLC HD may still be the best bet.
I am going to see if the local vendor gets the SLC HD back in stock any time soon and I will check them out.

I am reluctant to switch from Meopta as I know what I have - and what I have is excellent in all aspects but that itty bit of eye relief.

Brought the Meopta 15x56 to a friend who was very impressed with them and he could actually hand hold them reasonably well, something I can only do for short periods of time. The Swaro will not improve on this for me, which does not matter because in both cases they would be tripod mounted.

I did get to borrow a phone adapter so I will try to get some images with the Meopta and post some.
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It sounds like what you have works pretty darn well for you. I don't think any 12x is going to beat the Meopta on a tripod, nor would it replace your 10x. If you really have the itch to buy something new maybe a 7x42 UV would fill a gap as a low light/forest binocular.

My compact is my most used optic, but you have mentioned they don't work for you, so I don't think you lack anything.

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