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Geography Quiz - Identify these countries. (1 Viewer)


Have a go at these, I'll put the answers up... some time.

I think 1 to 6 are easy (mind you, I know the answers!), but 7 is a stinker, while 8 is tricky, but you might get it straight away.

1 - 2 - 3 - 4
5 - 6 - 7 - 8


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    map quiz.jpg
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1 - ? Belgium, upside-down
2 -
3 - Denmark
4 -
5 - Croatia, rotated 90° anti-clockwise
6 - Mexico, upside-down
7 - Nepal, upside-down
8 - Turkey

Done without referring to an atlas

Michael, I'm impressed!!!

You got 7, which I nearly left out - and yes it's upside down.

In fact, 5-8 are spot on, as is 3, but number 1 is wrong.

Charles... GO BACK TO BED!!!
Charles... nope, nope and nope!

Beverly, I can see where you're coming from, but...

It's no fair--Michael already got the ones I recognized, Mexico and Croatia. I've seen Two before somewhere-- isn't it in Central America? Wasn't it liberated by Simon Bolivar? Four, I'm sure, is a third world country, and may even be uninhabited...
.. and I didn't check an atlas, my head just drooped to my right shoulder.

Kind of quiet tonight. While you're in quiz mode, how about giving me a hand finding some language riddles suitable for mixed audiences of non-English speakers? What I'm looking for are additions to a collection I have started which includes such as:

(1) How far can a bear walk into the woods? Answer: Half way-- after that he's walking OUT of the woods.

(2) A man has two coins totalling sixty cents, but one of them is not a 50-cent piece; what are the coins? Answer: a 10-cent piece and a 50-cent piece-- the OTHER one is a 50-cent piece!

(3) (a verbal conundrum) "A farmer has twenty-six (twenty sick)sheep and one dies; how many are left?" Answer: the opposite of whatever the student guesses, 25 or 19.

All play on the English language, but are not too erudite for beginning students. Any of that sort in your repertoire, B'man?
I'll have a think... but the first one that springs to mind...

How deep is the Pacific Ocean?

Merely a stone's throw.
Here's a good one,

You're driving a bus along a route.
You have twenty passengers.
At the first stop, 6 passengers get off and 4 get on.
At the second stop, 1 passenger gets off and 3 get on.
At the third stop 8 passengers get off and 2 get on, one with a dog.
At the fourth stop, no passengers get off, but 2 get on.
What's the name of the driver?
Stan's mother has four children. Three of them are named "Quarter", "Nickel" and "Dime". What is the name of the other child?
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