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Ghiesbreght's Northern White Hawk (1 Viewer)

Björn Bergenholtz

... earlier a k a "Calalp"
Let´s have a quick look on the Eponym ...

ghiesbreghti as in:
● the subspecies (Leucopternis) Pseudastur albicollis ghiesbreghti DU BUS 1845 (here) a k a Northern White Hawk

= the Belgian collector of various Naturalia (flowers, birds, insects, etc.) Auguste Boniface Ghiesbreght (born 1810), who collected in South America from 1836 (at the start together with Mr. Kinden) until at least 1865. Then, in 1868, he settled down in San Cristóbal, Mexico, where he continued to collect (at least plants, up till 1875). … and he died … in San Cristóbal, Chiapas, Mexico?? But most of all: when? In 1888 or 1893?

Well that´s the reason for this thread.

Apparently born in Brussels, 10 March 1810 (here) ... but various years, in various sources, some with no location, (for example; here and here) on when he passed away? 1893? 1888? Also consider the death year "1862" (!?) as claimed in today's HBW Alive Key.

Either one, based on what, is unknown to me.

Anyone know when he passed away? For sure?


Note: He´s not one of "my guys" (thereby not checked any deeper). In my MS he´s only mentioned in context, among others. But I thought it might be worth mentioning simply because I happened to spot those differencies.


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As here is a exact date 7. February 1893 I tend to 1893.

Auguste Boniface Ghieebreght, born at Brussels, Belgium. March 10, 1810, died February 7. 1893. He was known chiefly as a botanical collector and, according to Roviroea, was at the port of Vera Crul and ascended ... José N. Rovirosa, “ Vida y Trebajoa del Naturalists Belga Augusto B. Ghiesbreght, Explorador de Mexico," in La Naturalela, 2a eerie, i, pp

Björn Bergenholtz

... earlier a k a "Calalp"
... I tend to 1893.
So do I ... ;) ... but if he did? Who knows.?

However; think the correct title of that Paper is: Vida y trabajos del naturalista belga Augusto B. Ghiesbreght, explorador de México, written in November 1887, published in “La Naturaleza,” t. I, serie 2, 1888 (here). That is as in "Augusto" simply being the Spanish/Mexican way of writing his true first name.

What it says? I don´t know, it´s all in Spanish.
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the "Vida y trabajos del naturalista belga" linked by Calalp is a biography, written in 1888 when Ghiesbreght was 78 years old, retired from collecting but still engaged in horticulture and medicine.

The author opens by saying he's never met Ghiesbreght personally, and he does not cite his sources, but he states that Ghiesbreght was born 10 March 1810, in Brussels. His father was Felipe Jose' Gilbert Ghiesbreght, his mother Anna Ervenne.

The biography mentions his education, travels, and publications, which might be helpful in finding further references to him. A couple of awards are also mentioned, including a (Belgian) 1881 commemorative medal for service in the military around 1830.

As of 1888, Ghiesbreght was living in San Cristobal, Chiapas, Mexico, and as the Vida says he'd given up travel, it seems likely he died there. Of the the three death dates proposed in this thread, two can be eliminated. He was obviously alive after 1862, and almost certainly still breathing at the end of 1888: the Vida was published in December 1888, and mentioned in the Botanical Gazette in September 1889 - both give indications that Ghiesbreght was still alive at time of publication.

I noticed that the sources found so far in this thread contain some phrases in common, such as the line about crossing the Cordillera three times. That one appears in the Vida as part of an unattributed quote. So there's some earlier biographical writing about Ghiesbreght - but that won't help with his death date.

(Edit: I'd repeatedly mis-spelled "Ghiesbreght"!)
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Björn Bergenholtz

... earlier a k a "Calalp"
Thanks "nartreb"!

Serenity rules; today's updated HBW Alive Key:
Auguste Boniface Ghiesbreght (1810-1893) Belgian botanist, collector in tropical America (subsp. Pseudastur albicollis).
Mr. Ghiesbreght ... over and out!


PS. At least on my part, that is.

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