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Gilbert, Arizona. Jan 31 2021 (1 Viewer)


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Hello all.

Could someone offer me an ID on these birds please? I am thinking Red-tailed Hawk and Ruby-crowned Kinglet, but having trouble with my color perception.



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The first is either a Cooper's or Sharp-shinned Hawk but I won's hazard a guess as to which having never seen either.
The second looks fine for the Kinglet.

KC Foggin

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There is no belly belt on the accipiter so I'm going with a Sharpie or a female Northern Harrier and I agree on Yellow-rumped Warbler.


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The second bird has yellow toes and dark legs, which kinglets have. It also has too much white in front of the eyes for Yellow-rumped. Also, the tail has a slight fork, which also points to Ruby-crowned Kinglet.

The first bird is an accipiter, not a harrier or a buteo, and might be a Sharp-shinned Hawk.


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I would tend towards Cooper's, but I'm not 100% sure. The tail looks rather uneven/rounded, but I hate to go off a folded tail at this angle. The head overall looks more robust to me, with a very "intense" look to the eye/face. To me, it appears that the rufous color stretches back to the nape, suggesting Cooper's. If a Cooper's, it would most likely be female (males usually show a gray cheek, like all Sharp-shins).


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I am for a Cooper's too.... can't quite make out the tail but the shape of head looks Coopers to me

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