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Gill Osborne's 2009 List (1 Viewer)

Gill Osborne

Well-known member
Thursday, 1st January
Alnwick, Northumberland

Out at first light for a nice walk along to Hulne Park to try for those fabled Hawfinches *no show...they don't exist!!!* and then down a field along to the Canongate Bridge. Then walked back up Canongate to home.

1: Jackdaw
2: Feral Pigeon
3: Wood Pigeon
4: Robin
5: Starling
6: Pheasant
7: Rook
8: Blackbird
9: Mistle Thrush
10: Chaffinch
11: Greenfinch
12: Blue Tit
13: Nuthatch
14: Coal Tit
15: Great Tit
16: Dipper
17: Moorhen
18: House Sparrow
19: Collared Dove
20: Goldfinch

I eventually managed to get hubby out at 1pm :smoke: We headed over to Boulmer but it was absolutely HEAVING with once-a-year walkers so we then decided to try somewhere more peaceful so we drove up to Budle Bay (Neil's suggestion! :eek!:) Had a relaxing time scanning the Bay and then popped over to Stag Rocks to try for divers and grebes. No sign of them but hey, no worries - I've still got 364 days of birding left to catch up ;) :king:

21: Carrion Crow
22: Black-headed Gull
23: Magpie
24: Lapwing
25: Kestrel
26: Herring Gull
27: Coot
28: Oystercatcher
29: Redshank
30: Mute Swan
31: Wigeon
32: Teal
33: Curlew
34: Great Black-backed Gull
35: Mallard
36: Shelduck
37: Eider
38: Long-tailed Duck

Gill Osborne

Well-known member
Sunday, 4th January
Boulmer, Northumberland

39: Pied Wagtail
40: Turnstone
41: Sanderling
42: Ringed Plover
43: Bar-tailed Godwit
44: Grey plover
45: Cormorant
46: Red-breasted Merganser
47: Stonechat
48: Song Thrush
49: Grey Heron
50: Rock Pipit
51: Dunnock
52: Reed Bunting
53: Wren
54: Yellowhammer
55: Dunlin
56: Fieldfare
57: Redwing

Biggest dip of the day was Tree Sparrow and Grey Partridge :smoke: Both have been regulars in one particular spot for MONTHS yet today.....not so much as a feather to be seen! :eek!: And to add insult to injury, I HEARD a grey partridge a number of times from one particular field but would he show? Would he heckers!!!! :C I'll try again on Tuesday :-O
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Gill Osborne

Well-known member
Friday, 9th January
Driving along A1, south of Morpeth.

58: Common Buzzard ~ being mobbed by a Rook.
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Gill Osborne

Well-known member
Tuesday, 13th January
Alnwick, Northumberland

59: Long-tailed Tit ~ four feeding in trees opposite Baillifgate Museum.

Thursday, 22nd January
Alnwick, Northumberland

60: Treecreeper ~ one clinging to wall opposite living room window. Very unexpected but extremely welcome! :t:
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Gill Osborne

Well-known member
Tuesday, 27th January
Morpeth, Northumberland

61: Common Gull
62: Waxwing

Cresswell, Northumberland

63: Red-throated Diver ~ just offshore at Caravan Park.
64: Pink-footed Goose
65: Barn Owl
66: Goldeneye
67: Little Grebe
68: Shoveler
69: Snipe
70: Peregrine Falcon
71: Scaup
72: Tufted Duck
73: Greylag Goose
74: Golden Plover
75: Whooper Swan

A good day all round :t: Very pleased to tick off a couple of tricky blighters that may have proved awkward towards the end of the year! It's happened before but it's NOT happening this year! ;)
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Gill Osborne

Well-known member
Sunday, 1st February
Alnwick, Northumberland

76: Tawny Owl - one 'kewicking' in trees behind my flat just before midnight!
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Gill Osborne

Well-known member
Thursday, 5th February
Jesmond Dene, Tyne & Wear

77: Stock Dove
78: Grey Wagtail

Dene very quiet today and no sign of any kingfishers at all!!! :eek!::-C

A flock of c.12 Waxwings seen from car at approx 3pm along A191 as you approach the Holystone Roundabout. Very unexpected and the second flock I've seen in ten days!!! :t:
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Gill Osborne

Well-known member
Sunday, 15th February
Cresswell Pond, Northumberland

79: Canada Goose
80: Skylark
81: Gadwall
82: Pochard
83: Bittern :loveme:
84: Grey Partridge
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Gill Osborne

Well-known member
Friday, 13th March
Holy Island, Northumberland

86: Meadow Pipit
87: Fulmar
88: Common Scoter

Budle Bay

89: Lesser Black-backed Gull

Stag Rocks, Bamburgh

90: Gannet
91: Slavonian Grebe *Lifer No. 196* :loveme:
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Gill Osborne

Well-known member
Wednesday, 1st April
The Pastures, Alnwick

94: Chiffchaff ~ at least four back and singing well from Lion Bridge and The Pastures.
95: Great Spotted Woodpecker ~ female watched pecking away at bark on tree.

Also two Roe Deer - male with only one antler and female - seen grazing on opposite bank at 6pm as I sat by river and watched fish jumping. Completely unbothered by my presence :t:
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Gill Osborne

Well-known member
Sunday, 5th April
St Mary's Wetland, Whitley Bay, Tyne & Wear

96: Linnet
97: Sand Martin ~ 1st of the year :t:

Amble Harbour, Northumberland

98: Mediterranean Gull *Lifer No. 197* :loveme:

Boulmer, Northumberland

99: Wheatear
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Gill Osborne

Well-known member
Thursday, 9th April
Druridge Pools, Northumberland

100: Little Egret
101: Willow Warbler

No sign of Garganey :-C

Had to go down to NE to visit mother-in-law so nipped in to St Mary's first to try for that elusive Garganey....still no show!!! Very strong wind so it was probably staying in the shelter of the reeds :smoke:
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Gill Osborne

Well-known member
Friday, 10th April
Druridge Pools, Budge Hide

102: Garganey :king:

Finally!!!!! On the fourth attempt in five days 3:)
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Gill Osborne

Well-known member
Thursday, 16th April
Alnmouth, Northumberland

103: Sandwich Tern ~ 5 feeding at mouth of river.
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Gill Osborne

Well-known member
Hulne Park, Northumberland
Thursday, 16th April

104: Siskin
105: Swallow
106: House Martin
107: Blackcap

Well, not a bad couple of hours :t: Had three summer migrants and heard a Green Woodpecker yaffling twice but couldn't see him :smoke: Jays heard too but, again, no sight obtained. Also - whilst trying to spot the screeching jays - I missed what I think may have been bullfinches which were in a small tree right in front of me!!! :eek!: First I knew was when they flew up and just as quickly dropped down into the valley below :smoke: The general impression was of a small bird with a white rump and dark (black?) tail. Never mind, I'll catch up with them at some point.
Also had a lovely red squirrel feeding on opening shoots in a small tree and, further on, a superb roebuck picking his way delicately through the trees next to the livery stables.
Also had two new butterflies for the year - a Peacock and a Green-veined White.
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Gill Osborne

Well-known member
Thursday, 7th May
Druridge Pools, Northumberland

108: Swift
109: Sedge Warbler
110: Black-tailed Godwit

Also on the floating island and then swimming/playing in the water before heading over to the far bank, three Otters - Neil's first! He was chuffed to bits! :t: I'll get him into birding/wildlife yet! ;)

Gill Osborne

Well-known member
Tuesday, 12th May
Druridge Pools, N'land

Just a quickie today as I finshed work at 1.30pm and had to be back home by 4pm to do the tea before Neil went off to work :smoke:
Fairly quiet from the Budge Hide - skylark/sedge warbler/willow warbler/wren singing...a pair of greylag with 4 goslings, three pairs of gadwall, reed buntings very active and chasing each other around and lots of Garlic Mustard in bloom which was absolutely heaving with St Mark's Fly *Bibio marci*...a bug-phobic's nightmare 3:) Yes, I'm heartless ;) :king:
As I left the Budge Hide to walk to the other two I heard a bird singing away in the trees around the path. My first thought was of something 'warbler-ish' like a blackcap but it didn't sound quite right for that species. After almost ten minutes of waiting it showed itself...Whitethroat! :t:
Further on was another and this showed itself extremely well, albeit briefly once it realised I was watching it!
Nine dunlin in summer plumage and five ringed plover in front of the smaller hide and not much from the Oddie Hide - redshank, male Pied wagtail, Grey Heron, 5 male Mallard...no otters showing today :smoke: Bit of a shame as a couple from the Midlands were staying at Alnmouth for a holiday and otters would have been a nice treat for them. They said they've seen them many times on scottish islands though.

111. Whitethroat

I would have loved more time to nip along to Cresswell Pond, East Chevington and Hauxley but it was not to be :smoke: And Thursday, my one day off, is a non-starter too as I'm at the dentist for root canal work *oh joy* :smoke: :-C Darned work!!!! Gets in the way of my birding!!!! :C
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Gill Osborne

Well-known member
Just been checking out my list I keep at the back of my diary to check what I have seen so far and, more importantly, NOT seen! Oh dear lord...the list is embarrassing :eek!:

Still To Get include such easy birds as *don't laugh* goldcrest...bullfinch...goosander...guillemot...jay...kingfisher...kittiwake...knot...puffin...red kite...red-legged partridge...ruddy duck...shag...tree sparrow!!!

Disgusting!!!:smoke: And I call myself a birder!!!! 3:)

Nae worries...I know exactly where to go to pick up all of these birds and I'll get to work on it over the next few weeks :t:
ZEISS. Discover the fascinating world of birds, and win a birding trip to Columbia
ZEISS. Discover the fascinating world of birds, and win a birding trip to Columbia
ZEISS. Discover the fascinating world of birds, and win a birding trip to Columbia

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