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As it is the thread openers first post maybe it would be better to tell them why no one should answer his/her question? There are a lot of people out there who have no idea about why certain species nest sites and general whereabouts have to be kept confidential.

Rob Smallwood

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Ghostblaster - you will have picked up that this is a sensitve subject.

Goshawk sites are closely guarded because of the threat of either egg theft or nest destruction.

As a result what may have been an innocent question has aroused suspicion as this and other birder sites can be used by egg collectors or gamekeepers to find information.

There are a few well publicised siters for seeing Goshawk in Britain - a simple Google search will reveal them, but I'm not sure that there is one close to you - if not then that is because it is thought that the risk of publicising is too high.

New Fancy View in the Forest of Dean and Wykeham Forest in Yorks are good safe places, but you will be lucky to get really good photo ops.


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Forget it Ghostblaster, there are no goshawks in Sussex unless they are flying through (very quickly, some might say). You would probably need a license under some circumstances anyway but how on Earth are you going to photograph a species that is like a sparrowhawk on steroids unless you stake a site out for at least a year?

Keith Dickinson

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Admit defeat and move to Yorkshire. There is a publicised site for them here. The site doesn't guarantee sightings but if you put in the time then you will be rewarded.

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