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Goshawks (1 Viewer)

Bean Counter

Active member
As I start a new job 01/11/04 I have a few days spare next week to go looking for Goshawks. I am planning to stay in our motorhome for a few days birding and am prepared to travel a fair way up from the South Coast.

If anyone can give me any tips etc I would be really greatful as this is a bird I would love to see.

Thanks in advance

Andrew Rowlands

Well-known member
I don't know of the situation in the Midlands. I would suggest you try the New Fancy viewpoint in the Forest of Dean. The young birds should be looking for their own territories at this time of year so you could get sightings away from known areas. Don't bother yomping through the woods, best try to find an open area to scan over the woods. There are often lots of Woodpigeons moving at this time of year, if you find a flock in a Beech or Oak woodland, spend some time watching; they may attract Peregrine, too, if a Gos flushes them above canopy height.


Nina P

I would say it is possibly the hardest time to get to see Gossies right now, I only see them in the spring/summer and even then only occasionally, I do have the good luck to have a pair around here in the south, but to see them is not easy. If you wanted Owls then now is the best time.

Rob Smallwood

Well-known member
I only know of the well publicised sites for Goshawk, and if I did know of any other I'd be more than reluctant to post it on an open Forum.

Bean Counter

Active member
Cheers for that all, and isn't it always the way that extra free time comes along at the "wrong" time. Sorry Rob - wasn't really thinking

Rob Smallwood

Well-known member
No apology necessary!

It's useful to remind people every now and again that all the subcribers to the Forum may not be as scrupulous as us !


Botanical Birder
I think you make a very important point about taking care in naming sites Rob. It got me wondering whether or not Birdforum has any guidance on this matter. I realise it would be silly to have some kind of blanket ruling that would prevent any passage of information but having seen nest theives in action around my area I have often wondered how many of them look into Forums like this one. In trying to offer help to fellow posters it can be so easy to alert the wrong type. I am sure that most of the regular users of the forum don't need such reminders but lesser experienced users could so easily fall into this trap.



Registered , should be certified .......
Ok , not actually giving breeding sites away , but I have seen more than a few not far from Beancounter at Church Norton , just down the road from Pagham Harbour , they keep the waders active when the tide is right . Best one I saw just sat still as a rock until a passing Redshank came too close .........he rest is history ( and a lot of feathers ! )



Well-known member
David Bryant said:
Mayday Farm, near Thetford is the place, but this isn't the time! Feb - April is best!

I though Mayday Farm's reputation had gone down hill!?! Last "spring" there was no sight nor sound of anything raptorial one snowy, cold morning!


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