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Greater Sage-Grouse (part 2) (1 Viewer)


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Hello all,

Though you are welcome to critique this, I am really putting it up so that you can see where I am at with it. I like it when others put up a photo that has been re-worked just to see if I was any where close on my suggestions. Many thanks to Ian and Paula for their critiques, which were very well done.

You can see the original one I posted here

original post

What I did to it?:

1) Clone/Rubber stamp (I am sure the areas are obvious)
2) Reduce blue, green and magenta CA throughout photo.
3) PS tool of despeckle on all of background and just the major showing wing of the bird.
4) USM once over whole photo, then on selected areas on wing and head.

I would like to know your thoughts.


  • greater sage-grouse (game) 133_3348 critique a.jpg
    greater sage-grouse (game) 133_3348 critique a.jpg
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Brian, I have had a look at your 'improved' version, copied it to PS and tiled the 2 images, and I am not surprised to see your expertise with PS! I very much like the work you have done on it; the colourcast has gone, and I am most impressed with your rubber stamping! You would not know it had been done. I still think the image is a bit dull all over and needs to have more warmth in it.


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Brian, forgive me, but you have lost me! What is the significance of all those green squares and lines? I am probably being slow but..........! Please enlighten me.


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Sorry Paula. I did that for another non-birding website I belong to and was showing them where I had cloned from. So in that photo the squares are where I cloned FROM and the lines show where I cloned TO. Take out the green squares, and that is what the original photo looked like, second bird and all. So not only did I clone out the bushes, I cloned out another bird! Ah, the world is what we make of it.

Thank you Swift.


A big improvement on the first attempt Brian and truely amazing considering the raw photo.

The CA on the snow centre bottom edge still needs attention and personally I think the bightness of the bird itself needs toning down very slightly to match the early morning light conditions. Your use of the rubber stamp/clone tool is nothing short of expert. The one area that doesn't look quite right is the vegetation immediately left of the top of the birds left wing when looking at the photo (ie it's right wing in reality).

As it stands I'd up it another star and it's not far off gaining another one.


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Thanks Ian. I agree with that right wing. I had problems with it too (visually) so glad to see you spotted it. I will have a look into that CA.

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