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Green Imperial, Pied Imperial and unknown Pigeon Indonesia (1 Viewer)

Hi Dave,
If you haven got them i can send u a copy of this and the birdingAsia article. There appears to be even more recent probable sightings tho without photo documentation as far as i know

Ding Li
Hi Dave,
If you haven got them i can send u a copy of this and the birdingAsia article. There appears to be even more recent probable sightings tho without photo documentation as far as i know

Ding Li

Thanks Ding Li,

Mark has already sent the paper to me (I already have the BirdingAsia article).

Interesting that there are more recent claims!
Ducula bicolor : (duckula in black and white)
large stocky egotistical, with penetrating taunting calls
mighty appetite for meat
soars in open airspace, with powerful wingstroke
visible demonstrative displays on tricky roosts

Columbia argentina : (archaic poetic silver pewter)
smaller lithe pragmatic, with loud complaining calls
floats (like a sail) in emergent space, a canopy hugger
beeline flight (ungainly) in open airspace, with laborious wingstroke
stays hidden in canopy, a one bird avionic symphony
stickler for well kept trees and carpet floor
the underwing pattern is the same in both PIP and Silvery. Hence the fact it doesn't match 'typical' PIP is not an argument in favour of Silvery Pigeon either.

Following an interesting email, I was just reviewing this thread and noticed this comment - superceded by events I think!


Yahoo groups don't save attachments. The photos are far from perfect (as noted earlier, I often get the feeling that the photos by Crimson Lam are screen-caps from videos). One of them is here:


The photo is rather dark, and I suspect the non-black sections of the plumage were lighter than they appear (to quote Crimson Lam in the earlier Yahoo message: "pale-grey white"). As the photo size is modified on the above page, a direct link to the photo shows the original size without the small distortion:

http://www.internationaldovesociety.com/Seedeaterspics/Asia/Misc Asia/silvery.jpg

If needed (PM me), I can forward the 2nd photo showing a single bird more or less head-on (it appears whiter than the previous, but is perched in direct light), but if anything it is of a lower quality than the above. I don't know of a link with it that is accessible to all.

As a brief final note the photo on the above link has also been used on various Czech and Russian sites, and it appears some have been mislead to thinking it originated there (e.g. http://www.ornithomedia.com/magazine/mag_art210_2.htm). These sites have been around for years, but fortunately appear to be on the fall. Basically, if you have photographed a "high profile" bird where very few photos are around there's a fair chance one of these Czech or Russian sites at some point have used it (they typically appear to be some type of illustrated bird lists). They seem to have little regard for copyrights, and being in Czech or Russian most people in Western Europe/North America wouldn't even know how to contact the people running them. Consequently, unless actually starting a big case with an international lawyer and all, most have no real chance of having their photo removed from one of these pages.

Could you send me those photos please?
Dong Li

Good work! - I think you are on to something here. Compare your pictures with my very crude edit of the underwing of the bird. I think it is clear, crudely speaking that the area enclosed by the polygon on my picture shoukld be black on PIP and whitish (m,ore complex than that given the inner / outer web differences) on S(W)P.

As you have said prevuiously I think the photo accords with the wing pattern of Silvery and not PIP.

Keep up the good work.


look at this image - wing pattern matches

© Jon Hornbuckle


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