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Gregor's between school and university list (1 Viewer)


Gregor Tims
24th November, Kaikoura, Christchurch
609. Australasian Shoveler (New Zealand tick!)

I'm going on a pelagic birding trip tomorrow morning which is extremely exciting!!


Gregor Tims
25th November, Albatross Encounters, Kaikoura, Canterbury
610. Cape Petrel
611. Salvin's Albatross
612. Westland Petrel
613. Antipodean Albatross
614. Northern Royal Albatross
615. Short-tailed Shearwater
616. Hutton's Shearwater
617. Southern Royal Albatross
618. Great-winged Petrel
619. Buller's Shearwater
620. White-chinned Petrel (NZ tick)
621. Shy Albatross
622. Northern Giant Petrel

What an awesome morning!! It was amazing to do this trip again, nine years' after I last did it. What a place!!
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Gregor Tims
26th November, Queen Charlotte Sound, Marlborough
623. Little Penguin
624. Fluttering Shearwater
625. Rough-faced Shag- endemic!!

Motuara Island, Marlborough
626. South Island Robin
627. Yellow-crowned Parakeet
628. South Island Saddleback

I had booked a birding trip for tomorrow in the area, but sadly that seemed set to be cancelled, so I very luckily managed to get on a 'wildlife' trip in the same area today instead! Sadly this trip didn't allow for the opportunity to search for the critically endangered Malherbe's Parakeet, but it was fantastic anyway, with a great number of Dolphins (including on Hector's) seen.
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Gregor Tims
28th November, Cook Strait
629. Fairy Prion
630. Buller's Albatross
631. Sooty Shearwater

Sadly I saw no Common Diving-Petrels, but it was a fantastic crossing between the islands, with Little Penguins, Shy, Antipodean and Northern Royal Albatrosses, Northern Giant Petrels, Westland Petrels and of course heaps of Fluttering Shearwaters seen along with the additions to the total. Very nice indeed!


Gregor Tims
2nd December, Gulf Harbour-Tiritiri Matangi Island Ferry
633. Parasitic Jaeger

Tiritiri Matangi Island, Hauraki Gulf
634. Red-crowned Parakeet
635. North Island Saddleback
636. North Island Robin
637. Whitehead
638. Stitchbird
639. New Zealand Fernbird
640. Brown Teal
641. North Island Kokako
642. Rifleman

A pretty decent day to be honest!! It was a shame to miss Takahe and Lesser Spotted Kiwi, but I certainly can't complain! What a fantastic place.
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Carol Baldock

Carol Rushton
Hi Gregor,

You continue to make excellent progress, well done.
It really sounds like a ride which is great fun !! :t::t:

I was catching up on this thread yesterday evening and realised that having raised your A Levels and wished you well with them, at the beginning of the thread in June, I forgot to ask how the results went in August for you ? I hope well ?
Yesterday I decided that I would create my world life list on Bubo ( under my maiden name of Rushton) , which is not something I have ever done before. I think that it will be a long work in progress, lol !!
As part of that I was inputting records from a birding day on May 14th 2014, in South - East Queensland, so not too far away from where you are now based. There were many smiles and happy memories. That date included O'reilly's , which you may recall that I previously recommended that you visit earlier in the year, so I am glad to see that you got there..

I was looking at the section of the Australian listers, to compare what Rob and I saw with what others have seen in the area I noticed that your records are featured there. It must take up a lot of your time, keeping this thread, your lists on Bubo and your blog. Where do you find the time ?

Do you also record your daily records in e-bird ( or bird track , before you emigrated? ).

I enjoy reading your blog and think that you have an engaging writing style. I also like to see the pictures that you post up there. What camera are you using for your shots? A lot of my bird shots end up far more blurred and distant than I would like them to be, so I am currently considering upgrading my kit and improving my skills before our next overseas trip.

Best wishes, Carol


Gregor Tims
Thank you so much for your kind words Carol!! The results went very well thanks, I got three A*s! It does take a lot of time to keep everything up, but it is great fun doing so. O'Reilly's was a great recommendation, what a fantastic place that is. I will certainly be back once I'm home. I started using ebird about a month ago, it has been an especially useful tool in New Zealand! I found your list on BUBO for Australia and I see that there are three species on there that I'm yet to see!! I am very pleased to hear that you are enjoying blog, thank you so much for reading it. It certainly does take a lot of time to update it! My camera is a Canon Power Shot SX50 HS, which was something like £250, so it was pretty good value. I would certainly recommend it!

One more addition today as well:

4th December, North Auckland
643. Eastern Rosella


Gregor Tims
5th December, Paihia, Northland
644. New Zealand Plover
645. Pacific Golden Plover (New Zealand tick!)
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Gregor Tims
7th December, Waitangi, Northland
646. Morepork

8th December, Watamata, Northland
647. African Collared Dove

648. Wild Turkey

It was fantastic to see NZ's only extant native owl- it took half-an-hour of waiting under the tree it was in for it to finally fly out! I ended my great New Zealand trip with two more of NZ's many feral introductions, I have decided to tick Barbary Dove as African Collared Dove for now. Now, back to Brisbane, from where I'll be heading out on a pelagic later this month. Hopefully I will be able to get one more trip in before university!
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Gregor Tims
Yes, quite a surprising looking bird. I saw one at Mount Coot-tha a few years ago.

They certainly are, surprisingly large and striking.

I had another great day today, with four (!) lifers!!

18th December, D'Aguilar NP, Queensland
650. Wedge-tailed Eagle
651. Paradise Riflebird
652. Green Catbird
653. Russet-tailed Thrush
654. Pale-yellow Robin
655. Common Emerald Dove

Sadly no Noisy Pitta, but with several other potential lifers to find here, I'll be back here as soon as possible!


Gregor Tims
20th December, Southport Pelagic, Queensland
656. Wedge-tailed Shearwater
657. Masked Booby (Australia tick)
658. White-tailed Tropicbird (Australia tick)
659. Black Petrel- vagrant to Aus!
660. Wilson's Storm-petrel
661. Tahiti Petrel
662. Cook's Petrel- first for Queensland and mega vagrant to Australia!!

What an awesome day, especially seeing when we discovered that photographs showed that the 'Black- winged Petrel' was in fact a Cook's Petrel!! Common Tern was also an Australian tick for me today.


Gregor Tims
24th December, Anstead Bushland Reserve, Queensland
663. Little Friarbird

The highlight of this morning was definitely seeing two Koalas, just half-an-hour from home!
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Allen S. Moore

Well-known member
Anstead Bushland Reserve

24th December, Anstead Bushland Reserve, Queensland
663. Little Friarbird

The highlight of this morning was definitely seeing two Koalas, just half-an-hour from home!

Did you see many other birds there? I read on-line that it is a good place, even having quite a few records of apostlebirds, which are a favourite of mine (as are many other species, admittedly!). Was it easy to get to the reserve? I have read that there is a bus that stops fairly close by.

Happy Christmas!


Gregor Tims
Did you see many other birds there? I read on-line that it is a good place, even having quite a few records of apostlebirds, which are a favourite of mine (as are many other species, admittedly!). Was it easy to get to the reserve? I have read that there is a bus that stops fairly close by.

Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas to you too!! I travelled there by car with my Mum, so unfortunately I'm not sure about how easy it is to reach by bus, though it is very close to Pullenvale, so it shouldn't be too bad! The drive from the central suburbs was very easy indeed. Being with my Mum did restrict my birding sadly, though I have seen several recent reports of both Apostlebird and Oriental Cuckoo from there. I've attached my ebird checklist from this morning here:http://http://ebird.org/ebird/view/checklist?subID=S26426159 . It seemed like a great area for birds, so I will certainly be back there (maybe by myself next time!), and I would definitely recommend it!


Gregor Tims
25th December, Mount Coot-tha Forest, Queensland
664. Southern Boobook
665. Tawny Frogmouth

A great night walk around the forest, with two Boobooks seen along with great views of the Frogmouth. Sadly no Powerful Owl though- next time hopefully!!


Gregor Tims
9th January, Sandy Camp Road Wetlands, Queensland
666. Wandering Whistling Duck

The number of additions to the list has reduced drastically over the last few days, so it was nice to get my first new bird for this list of the year this afternoon! I'm hoping to have one more trip before I start university. We shall see if that ends up happening!

Edit: on inspection, I have discovered that a Harrier I saw on the 7th January at Kedron Brook Wetlands was in fact not a Swamp Harrier, and was instead a:
667. Spotted Harrier
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Gregor Tims
13th January, Anstead Bushland Reserve, Queensland
668. Little Lorikeet
669. Oriental Cuckoo- a great bird to see!
670. Common Bronzewing

A fantastically successful brief trip this evening. Hopefully I will have a car of my own sorted by later this week, which will help a lot in finding birds around here!

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