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Growth on Hummer's Beak (1 Viewer)


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HELP!!! do you know if this little guy has an injury, fungal infection or avian pox virus. I see and take photos of the feeding hummers a couple of times a week and just noticed it.

I clean and make new nectar every 4 days.

I immediately removed the feeder just in case it's contagious. He seems to be feeding fine and I hate to not feed if he needs the food, but worried about the other hummers.


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KC Foggin

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Hi meaness and welcome to BirdForum from the entire staff

If you don't have a spare feeder that you can interchange with the existing one, I would suggest you soak your existing feeder in some bleach and water and give the holes a good brushing. That should wipe out any virus or fungus that might be existing and rinse it well in water after the soaking.

Please keep us updated.


New member
Thank you!

So you think I can put out the feeder after cleaning with bleach and other hummingbirds will be safe to also use the feeder? I was just worried about spreading whatever this little bird has.

I really appreciate your reply....thx!!


New member
Thank you Jon... hopefully it's something like that. I'll wait a couple of days before I put my feeder out and check the status of his bump.


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I had a ruby throat about a week ago with a tiny growth near the tip of the bill, approx. 1/8 inch dia. and about 1/4 inch from the tip. She only fed at the feeders with an opening large enough to accommodate her. I haven't seen her this week, I presume she is heading South.
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