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Guess what I saw (1 Viewer)

Charles Harper

It's been a while since I posted, but I really wanted to share this vision of Japanese opulence: at Yatsuhigata on Tokyo Bay today, one of the birders had a custom headplate mounted on his tripod, and it supported a matched PAIR of Swaro STS80HDs-- binoculars with a bang! He's serious... and rich.

At Yatsuhihigata and nearby Funabashi Keihin Park, l also saw (numbers in parentheses):

Grey Plover, P. squatarola (50)
Lesser Sandplover, C. mongolus (95)
Greater Sandplover, C. leschenaultii (3)
Common Ringed Plover, C. hiaticula (1)
Kentish Plover, C. alexandrinus (40)
Ruddy Turnstone, A. interpres (90)
Red-necked Stint, C. ruficollis (80)
Broad-billed Sandpiper, L. falcinellus (2)
Dunlin, C. alpina (10) (our commonest wintering sandpiper, but just beginning to arrive)
Sanderling, C. alba (1) (I don't believe I've never seen a lone one before!)
Great Knot, C. tenuirostis (3)
Common Greenshank, T, nebularia (6)
Grey-tailed Tattler, H. brevipes (80)
Common Sandpiper, A. hypoleucos (1)
Terek Sandpiper, X. cinereus (6)
Bar-tailed Godwit, L. lapponica (16)
Whimbrel, N. phaeopus (1)
Black-winged Stilt, H. himantopus (20)

The most impressive sight at the Funabashi mudflats, however, were large flocks of about 500 Common and 200 Little Terns, getting ready to move on.

Katy Penland

Well-known member
Heya, Charles! So good to see you back here! You've been missed!

I wonder which would be more expensive, a pair of Big Eyes (like shipboard researchers use) or the double Swaros. Yowza...

Dave B Smith

Well-known member
Good to hear from you again! The image of those "big bins" made me smile (though I would love a peek through them).


Axeman (Retired)
Hello Charles,
Nice to read you again. Funnily enough your name came up at the Birdfair yesterday when we were discussing members who had apparently 'disappeared'. Anyway, welcome back.

I'm not impressed with the double barrelled Swaros (I would have been jealous if they had been ED82 Nikons) but the bird list was very impressive ;) ;) .

KC Foggin

Super Moderator
Staff member
Opus Editor
United States
Hey there Charles. I was just thinking about you.

I've got problems carrying one scope and tripod. Can't imagine how he carried two scopes.....or did he have someone carry them for him? ;)
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Nice one Charles - I guess that guy must have gone for the delux version of the Kowa Highlander binos.

I did read somewhere of a guy having a camera attached to one side and he was using the other side for viewing.

It's good to see you back posting :t:


geordie birder
great birds there, thanks. would of loved to of seen that 'super scope' - cant believe someone would do that!!! - wish you'd taken a pic.

Larry Lade

It certainly was good to hear from you again, Charles. And I turned a little green with envy upon reading your list of birds seen! Sounds to me like you really "hit the jackpot"! I would love to have a day like that! Don't stay away so long this time.

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