Guided birding Spain, Wetlands of Castilla La Mancha (1 Viewer)

Hello again again with a post about some of the wetlands of Castilla la Mancha, which I love.

We visited the Longar in Lillo, Laguna Larga Villacañas, the lagoon complex of Alcazar de San Juan, Laguna de la Vega of the People in Pedro Muñoz and finally Manjavacas Lagoon.

Most notable has been the two breeding colonies, a laughing gull and the other Pagaza Tern. In Manjavacas this year due to little rainfall and low lake level there is only one attempted colony of flamingo few copies of a site and much surprise me prosper.

It also struck me how few ducks with chickens at this point in the season. All surface have begun the change of eclipse and did not see a single female, followed by her chicks.

More details and fothos of the trip in

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