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gulls (1 Viewer)

lou salomon

the birdonist
hi micky,

nice to have one more sneaker here! although i'm doubting that rissa brevirostris is right, it would be nice to have some competition in this thread, and anyone is invited to post mystery gulls!

cheers up to the shetlands,


Well-known member
Hi Lou,

cheers for that, spur of the moment guess, due to broad trailing edge. Back to the drawing board!


lou salomon

the birdonist
actually you could be right, micky, and it's me who is the fool. i dismissed kittiwakes cause i thought they don't have these grey tongues on inner webs. but now that i've looked up and read a bit, it surely could be a july/august 2cy red-legged kittiwake moulting into 2nd winter plum. sorry for having been arrogant.
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lou salomon

the birdonist
HT078617 looks like a herring with an abnorm thick bill while HT258708 gives more the impression of a GBBG. but both could be marinus or argentatus ;) they haven't been ringed as chicks, have they?


Well-known member
I was away over Christmas & New Year - here's the gull I posted in it's full glory Micky was right!

1st sum RL Kit from July last year.

Have no idea what that Dutch Birding bird is - except maybe a common tern with bizarrely black outer primaries??!!



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    1st sum rlkitt_1.jpg
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p wolf

Sleep is the Enemy
hi andrew,

glad you're back. i whish i had such a good view on a RLK! (saw some distant ones at point reyes, calif. back in 1992).

what do you make of this? maybe easier with a flightshot. i think the date is 26.10.2007

You don't have permission to access /member/forum/images/85/user_70085/normal_590012.jpg on this server.

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any view would be nice,


p wolf

Sleep is the Enemy

the first link still shows the dreaded "Forbidden" message.

the second one is odd, well the caption to the pic is. I have no experience with larger NA-Canadian gulls but it look like a second cycle Western Gull (wymani) with a third cycle bill. Amazing what you can learn from a book. I wish Steve Howell would do the Euro gulls as well...


lou salomon

the birdonist
ok i'll post 2 pix including a flightshot directly even this is not totally legal.
here we go:


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