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Habicht for birdwatching? (1 Viewer)

Thanks for your online registration, Mr. Bos,

at the beginning the focus is quite stiff and gets smoother by time.
You have got a 10 years warranty. So you could always send it in later on to soften this wheel.

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Customer Service


That was Swaros reply. I can insist fixing the focuser, but I can also wait a year and see if it is true what she said... Not sure yet.
The focus wheel of my Habicht 10x40 GA became very smooth after use for approximately one year by the previous owner (before selling it I used it rarely). For me, it is as smooth as my 10x40 SFL (I think the focus wheel of my SFL unit is a bit stiff). The previous owner got the same answer as you from the Swarovski customer service. Now I can perfectly use it for birdwatching. Habicht 10x40 was the one I took last Saturday when I went out to do some birding along the Ruhr River.
I did some bird watching last saturday (I hiked about 20 km) in Friesland with it. I enjoyed displaying common snipe, other grass land birds, bird of pray, the first swallows, bluethroat, etc.
I missed some birds because the focuser wasn't quick enough. So for me a reason to contact Swarovski. However, I promised not to complain about the focuser anymore. ;)

I noticed the 3D view, especially birds in scrups nearby. Further away, the 3D view disappears. At least, that is my experience.
I missed the ability to adjust the length of the strap I can so with my other swaros. I think it is a luxury I am used to have lately :).

To sum up: I still like it a lot! Especially it's weight, the very nice view and it's appearance.
I don't think I would want to have just a Habicht if I could only choose one pair of binoculars. It is JUST not comfortable enough, being used to the NL 10x32, which I see as my main birding binoculars. It will be me lightweight pair when birding isn't my main purpose.
I can confirm that the focuser of the 10x40 GA smoothens with time. When I first got it it was so stiff. Felt like I was trying to roll the threads of a panzer tank myself. Much much better now. Not perfect but good enough.

Reinier, post 183,
Do not try the 7x42 Habicht, it is really dangerous, since you never want to let it go after you have felt it and looked into its brilliant crystal clear images.
Gijs van Ginkel
Funny enough it recently occurred to me that 7x might make a great position in my stable because I like the handling of the 10x40. I always wanted to 32mm for wider fov however I realized the extra barrel length of the 10x40 is so nice to have. It just sits in the hand/is very graspable.

Thankfully I saw the rumors post about the 12x52mm NL pure coming out so maybe I will save for that :D:D -- the ultimate astro binocular??
I had the same experience with the Habicht focuser
As others have said about new Habicht series, I also experienced an focuser smoothens with my Habicht 7x42. Now, after a while, it moves better but not perfectly. If I had to estimate, my Habicht focuser has become from "Very Stiff" somewhere between
"Stiff" and "Normal" (Very Stiff-- Stiff-- Normal- -Smooth)
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Definitely the 7x42 is a keeper due to its elegant look if not for the optical performance. The other thing to notice is the easy eye comfort of 7x42 it might be a result of the small FOV. Compared to the NL 8x42 which is giving me blackouts, 7x42 is much easy to use.

Hi Viraj, how are you going along with the Habicht 7x42 after a couple of months? You still like it? Is it way better than the NL 8x42 in low light?
Just curious :).
Hi Viraj, how are you going along with the Habicht 7x42 after a couple of months? You still like it? Is it way better than the NL 8x42 in low light?
Just curious :).
Hi. I used it a few times outside. But in my use case, I cannot exactly say that I have a big advantage of using it over NL for low-light use. I still like it for what it is 😁 However, I often think about selling it because my NL is not getting any use because of it (I exceeded the return time otherwise I would have returned it). Also, I am more of a x10 person just like you.

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