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Habicht for birdwatching? (2 Viewers)

That's really a good deal! Tempting...

But still, I see more use for the 8x30 for me as a compact/lightweight bin. For longer distances I have the EL 12x50 and the NL 10x32. The SLC 8x42 is my lowlight bin. The Trinivod 8x20 is my pocket bin, always have it with me but not really comfortable longtime viewing. The Habicht will be the one when walking in forests with the family for example.

So if you see a bargain like this for the Habicht 8x30, please let me know :). € 850 would be a good price for the 8x30 as well.
After a few months of selling Habicht 10x40 GA due to compatibility issues, I am thinking of trying another Habicht, 7x42. I want a binocular for low-light uses. Even though SLC 8x56 could be the better option, the weight of it makes me hesitate to go towards it. However, having NL in 8x42, I am wondering if a few millimeters of extra exit pupil in Habicht 7x42 would make such a difference for low-light use. Is anyone compared both of them in low-light conditions?

Edit: Of course ‘a few millimeters’ of exit pupil increase would have a big difference in low light capabilities. I made a mistake. The exit pupil difference between NL 8x42 and Habicht 7x42 is 0.75 mm. Still wondering it would make a big difference in low light use.
Do the NL pure's have the same super strong brightness factor that the Habicht do? That would be a question I would ask. Since the habicht just literally light up the image somehow.
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I found my little Habicht 8x30 very bright, more so than any of the NLs that I have owned.
The optical characteristics of this little binocular are quite special and anyone who enjoys binoculars owes it to themselves to take a look.
Unfortunately for me I could not keep him, it was almost too bright and sharp for my eyes but I think that was just me, it is one binocular view I will never forget.
So you sold the 7x42? If I may ask, why exactly?
I replaced it with an SLC 8x56 hd, which itself has now been replaced by the SLC neu 7x42b as it's a bit smaller and lighter - I've been very impressed by it so far. I like a 6/7mm exit pupil in my birding bin - all 3 offer that and have their pro's and cons, the SLC '56 is the best view, the habicht is the toughest and the SLC neu is more or less in the middle.
I use the 8x30 eii most of the time though, on walks, holidays, fair weather birding - it's the one I always just grab and go with - the habicht 8x30 i.f ga gets used basically when I don't want to risk damaging either of the others!
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I’ve never noticed depth of field, since I use it mostly for astronomy, and I have never been unhappy with the optics.

Some may not like the 5° field of view.

You may find this interesting, if you haven’t already read it, and you don’t mind a “non-secure” site. (not https)
Can I say (more or less) that the Habicht 10x40 is as bright as an alpha 10x42 (because of it's high transmission) and the Habicht 8x30 as an alpha 8x32? What do Habicht owners say when they compare them?

In daylight the Habichts are brighter I expect, because the pupil is smaller than the exit pupil and than only transmission plays a role. But what about night/dawn? When your own pupils are 5mm?
Took my Habicht 10x40 today with me on a two hour walk in the Dutch countryside. Mainly long distance watching.
No complaints but the focus is somewhat stiff, i guess not suitable for people with arthritis. View is very bright and sharp.
For me the ergonomics are good. Lightweight 10x40 build to last. No armor problems 😜


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