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Can someone please confirm this to be a Hairy Woodpecker? The angle of the shot is fooling me. Taken is Sep in Ste-Adele Quebec.


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Looks very clearly a Hairy to me, large bill, lack of black barring on the visible white outer retrices. This shouldn't be controversial unless I'm particularly blind today.

tom baxter

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It’s a hairy. Large bill, foreshortening effect going on due to angle, but nonetheless large. No black spots on outter tail feathers as shown by downy.


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Yeah, Hairy for me too. What usually works, after a little experience, in deciding whether the bill is "large" or not is to look at the fluff at the base of the bill. On a Downy, you'll find yourself peering at the gape area, trying to decide where the fluff ends, so you can get a precise idea of how long the bill is in proportion to the fluff. With a Hairy, even though the proportions aren't actually very much different, you'll take one look and go "oh, that's sticking out WAY more than the length of the fluff."

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