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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.

Hao's 2022 bird list (1 Viewer)


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Hao, Changsha. Hunan. China, Date 5/2/2022
1.Streptopelia orientalis x6
2.Streptoplia chinensis x10
3.Garrulus glandarius x49
4.Urocissa erythroryncha x21
5.Parus minor x 57
6.Spizixos semitorques x 18
7. Pycnonotus sinensis x 200
8. Ixos mcclellandii x 19
9. Sinosuthora webbiana x2
11. Psittiparus guaris x 48
12. Turdus merula x17
13. Acridotheres cristatellus x6
14.Copsychus saularis x22
15. Myophonus caeruleus x1
16. Lonchura striata x2
17. Motacilla alba x8
18. Eophona migratoria x120
19. Passer montanus x 6
Hao, Guangzhou. Guangdong. China, Date 15/2/2022
20.Phylloscopus proregulus x4
21.Aethopyga latouchii x2
22.Pycnonotus jocosus x7
23.Garrulax perspicillatus x3
24.Pica pica x1
25.Turdus hortulorum x2
Hao, Guangzhou. Guangdong. China, Date 16/2/2022
26. Turdus hortulorum x2
27.Tarsiger cyanurus x2
28.Zosterops palpebrosus x1
Hao, Guangzhou. Guangdong. China, Date 18/2/2022
29. Phoenicurus auroreus x1
30. Orthotomus sutorius longicaudus x2
Hao, Guangzhou. Guangdong. China, Date 28/2/2022
35.Seicercus albogularis
36.Aegithalos concinnus
Hao, Guangzhou. Guangdong. China, Date 1/3/2022
37.Pica pica X2
38.Turdus hortulorum x1
39.Streptopelia orientalis x1
40.Cyanopica cyanus x3
Hao, Zeng Cheng,Guangzhou. Guangdong. China, Date 6/3/2022
41.Garrulax Perspicillatus X1
42.Luscinia Calliope X1
43.Luscinia Svesica X2
44.Lonchura Punctulata X3
45.Phylloscopus Fuscatus X1
46.Pycnonotus Aurigaster X2
47.Prinia Inornata X3
48.Centropus Sinensis X2
49. Charadrius Dubius X4
50.Saxicola stejnegeri X3
50 in less than 30 days!! Good for you guy!
During the work days, everyday between 11:30 AM to 1:pM, I go to the park which near my office just watching the birds. During the weekend I do birding with my son who is only 9 years old in the mountian where we live.
I am waiting my Zeiss 65T* and adapter for iphone, I will post some picture in the future.
Hao,Yuelu mountain, Changsha, Hunan. China, Date 12/3/2022
52.Brambling, Fringilla montfringilla, X6
Hao, Yuexiu district,Guangzhou. Guangdong. China, Date 20/3/2022
54.Otus lettia X2
55.Cacomantis merulinus X1
Hao, ErSha island,Guangzhou. Guangdong. China, Date 1/4/2022
56.Pycnonotus aurigaster X2
57.Ficedula narcissina X1
58.Apus pacificus X30
Hao, ZengCheng,Guangzhou. Guangdong. China, Date 1/4/2022ZengCheng
59.Ardeola bacchus X4
60. Elanus caeruleus X2
61.Cecropis daurica X8
62. Lonchura punctulate X1
63.Emberiza pusilla X10
Hao, ErSha island,Guangzhou. Guangdong. China, Date 4/14/2022
65.Eudynamys scolopacea X1
66.Phylloscopus coronatus X3
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