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Hartmann Compact collimation (1 Viewer)


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My Hartmann Compact 10x40 is a little bit out of collimation. Not much but enough that it is exhausting looking through a longer time and I miss the sharpness i know from my Porlerim.
The Compact has an excenter ring in the objectiv with only one notch (see picture below).
Has someone experience in collomating Compacts? Which tool do you use? I think an objectiv lens spanner wrench will not work proper due to the single notch.


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That's strange. Normally there should be another ring on top to keep the excenter ring in place. That is the one you open with the spanner wrench or at least loosen it. Then the excenter ring should move fairly easily by just inserting a screwdriver in the slot and moving it. Sometimes there are two excenter rings however. One inside the other.
On the Hartmann Porlerim binos that I have -- all the alingment is done with the prism screws, they don't even have excenters.
How is the ring kept in place? Because if it is an excenter ring for alignment, then it doesn't screw down obviously.
It looks unusual in the pic if that was really an excenter ring -- it seems to be held in place by the outer "beauty ring" covering the objectiv barrel.
Can you take more pics from different angles?
All the binos I adjusted so far had a ring above the excenters that fixed them. Which can be a problem when reassembling as sometimes both rings move when putting the bino back together and alignment will be shot.
Yes it seems different at the Compact because what you describe I know from a CZJ Deltrintem. There was such a locking ring with the excenter ring below and a second one to turn out the complete objective lens. On the Hartmann Compact I can figure out only one ring which is clearly asymmetric. I add some more pictures.

Maybe I will try it with a screwdriver and a glasses cleaning cloth on the lens to protect it in case i slip out of the notch.


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Can I ask if the beauty ring- the rounded ring surrounding the objective has been removed to gain access to the objective retaining ring? That is, if that particular scheme is used in alignment changes. Pat
I second that, remove beauty ring first always before coming to conclusions. If still no other ring then perhaps find out if there are prism tilt screws first before messing with those rings.
I tried to remove the beauty ring but it doesn't move with moderate force. So I cleaned the groove between beauty ring and the asymmetric ring with the big notch with a toothpick and found another smaller notch behind the ring.


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I suspect there might be another retaining ring beneath the beauty ring but if that one doesn't come off, it's better not to force it unless someone else knows how it can be unscrewed. I've seen binos with worn out threads on the beauty ring. They can be delicate.
Thank you all for your hints and advices, I will wait a little bit before i will ruin something. Maybe someone with experience especially with Hartmann Compacts will still reply to this tread later.
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