Has anyone else had a break from Birding? (1 Viewer)

I was a keen birdwatcher when I was young and Wow how things have moved on since then - I think it is probably quite common for 'would be' Birders to become distracted or consumed by the 'Trials of Life' the internet has brought a new perspective to Birding for me and has certainly helped me 'brush up' on, what I now realize was just, school Boy Knowledge and opened my mind to just how much I still have to learn

I think I am now Keener than ever!

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Wayne Castle www.amblingartist.com


Once a bird lover ... always a bird lover
I have never had a break from bird watching, but like you I have a great love for birds, and what they stand for in the world of wildlife

No harm in taking a break from any hobby at all as other life issues do get in the way such as family life. A strong constitution to bird watch is another thing if it is to be avoided.

Better still... if all your family share the expriences of birdwatching in a group and that is family time well spent.

So it is what you feel is right for yourself at any particular point in time.


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