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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.

Having 2 pairs of binoculars. Which would you choose? (2 Viewers)

Without a second thought, I would immediately grab my 7x42 UVHD first. They offer the easiest, most relaxed view of any of my binoculars, and they just fit my hands and face perfectly. My 7x42 Zeiss FL has more immediate "wow factor", and may be the "better" binocular... but the Leica is my "favorite" binocular.

The second one, I would have to put a lot more thought into... It would probably be a 10x with 50 or 56mm objectives. The 10x50 UVHD and the 10x56 SLC would be the frontrunners. I think I would lean toward the SLC because I would like to keep one with AK prisms. They sometimes make the UVHD look dim in direct comparison, especially in difficult lighting, but of course that comes at the cost of weight/bulk. This may be another case where one is optically "better" and the other is "my favorite"... Tough decision.

I like the idea of a 10+15x50 Duovid as a wildcard, but have never looked through one.
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Interesting selection, Robert!

Can I ask: what do you think the Noctivid provides that the NL 12 doesn’t? Aside from their compatibility with glasses, what makes this combo work for you?

I’d imagine that the NL12/Victory Pocket combo mentioned by Crinklystarfish might be the way I’d go, if I added a second bino. But that’s just an assumption.
I could really just live with the 12x42 NL and not need anything else but the Leica has a little better close focus and a more relaxed view for close up stuff. Also in bright sunshine I am curious to see the difference in the color palette. Some say they like the Leica better in bright sunshine, so I wanna see that for myself. I just received them and unfortunately haven’t had any sun to try them out.
That will probably strongly depend on where/how/when you use your binoculars.
I would probably keep
  • Zeiss FL 7x42, for being really good in low light without being too heavy. And with a very relax view. Great for dedicated birding walks and late evening walks.
  • UV or FL 8x32 for more casual use, longer/tougher hikes etc., being more lightweigt and more compact (also compared to many current high end 32mm models), but still giving great views and ergonomics.
They probably cover 90% of my use, and could cover 100%, well, except for the « take along everywhere just in case » role of pocket binoculars.
Replacing the 32mm with some 20-25mm might make sense, but those would need to be really great to fill the ‘gap’ with the 7x42 without loosing too much viewing comfort. Thus an alpha 8x25 or maybe the Curio 7x21. (I would love to, but I don’t have the Curio. A late production Swarovski 8x20 or UV 8x20 is really good as pocket binoculars, but that would be as 3rd binoculars for me ;-) : the gap to my 42mm would be too big for many uses if they were to replace the 8x32.)
Canon 10x42 L IS and Canon 8x20 IS from what is currently available.

I thought a bit about having the smaller binocular as either Zeiss 8x25 or Leica Ultravid 8x20 (which I already have), but since I always miss the IS feature when using the Leica, I opt for the Canon even though it is not actually pocketable.

As it is, I carry the bigger Canon almost everywhere.
I'd go with something very similar to what @edwincjones chose. A do-it-all and light enough 8x30/32 and a powerful long range IS.

Now, for the 8x30/32 there is no shortage of candidates at all price levels. Until I have the chance to try the new Zeiss SFL 8x30) I'll stick with the old & faithful Swarovski EL 8x32 (pre-Field Pro).

My pick for the the long range IS would be a 12x36 Canon IS, offering more resolving power (and chances of ID) and playing a bit of a chameleon, because it can double as a daily bino (except for close range birding) or even play the "small scope" role if needed.
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Two is a beautiful number. For me it's 10x and 15x: for many years 10x32 and 15x60, now upgraded to 10x42 and 15x56. Anything else is falling into the "wouldn't it be nice" trap: to try a bigger objective/EP? (poof, 10x56 too. To be fair, I got it as an alternative to 32 which made more sense then.) To try a classic birding 8x with a wider field? (poof, 8x30.) To have a compact? (successfully resisted so far.) It's fun, but the gain is rather modest, and the choice of what to carry becomes complicated, though it can be nice to have a loaner handy. I could be quite happy with two again.
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I bought the NL 10x42, now I'd like a lighter and more 3D Porro 8x30 (Habicht?). But my wife, who likes the NL 10x42, says: "basta uno", one is enough.
When do you use the SLC 10x56? Why this one in stead of a good 10x42?
astronomy! Big aperture is everything in astronomy. The bird views in the 10x56 are better than 10x42 as well, the larger exit pupil is nice, but the beastly size and weight of the 56mm is difficult for birding as you know.
There are pretty compact 10x56 models on the market but my humble DDoptics "Nighteagle" suffers from CA and is MiC.
Still the center resolution is pretty impressive.
I took a pic for size comparison - Fuji FMTR, Nighteagle and Fuji HC.

Philipp that's an unlikely trifecta of bins which somehow look absolutely perfect together. I didn't know the big Fuji porros came in black - very "imposing". The HC is gorgeous. And who knew there was a compact 56? Thanks.

Thanks :). It just looks black in the pic. It's actually the normal greenish/gray color.
The HC is really nice IMHO. My favourite at the moment. But I'm afraid I might have to splurge out the big bucks one day for a NL Pure. Dennis almost has me convinced, even though he probably didn't notice :D.
If only two, Leica 8x42 Noctivids and Swarovski 10x42 NL's.

If some reason I couldn't keep those , it would be the Leica 7x42 UVHD and the Swarovski 8x32 EL SV. I could live with those one of those two sets forever.

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