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Heavily marked Herring | Choshi, jp | march 2020 (1 Viewer)


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Heavily marked Herring Gull? | Choshi, jp | march 2020

What would you make of this? I'm leaning towards adult winter American Herring but that may be wishful thinking (they're not nearly as rare there as they seem to be in Netherlands but still)

-head shape is a bit heavy for herring maybe
-no clear yellow iris
-no dark spot on bill
-extensive white in primaries

usually when leafing through gull-research.org I find a similar gull to the one i am studying at the moment, that didn't happen sofar.

are there hybrid options that look similar? I didn't see them

note: i was struggling with the camera and I think there's some overexposure going on, the grey is not as light as it seems probably.

Hope to hear from you



  • 2020-03-05 12.07.16 - GTH_5495-Amerikaanse Zilvermeeuw-misschien.jpg
    2020-03-05 12.07.16 - GTH_5495-Amerikaanse Zilvermeeuw-misschien.jpg
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  • 2020-03-05 12.06.28 - GTH_5476-Amerikaanse Zilvermeeuw-misschien.jpg
    2020-03-05 12.06.28 - GTH_5476-Amerikaanse Zilvermeeuw-misschien.jpg
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Mostly in the Midlands :)
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Hi I’m new to gulls, so I am sure someone more experienced will give you better confirmation - but here goes!

Sorry but it looks good for a Herring rather than American Herring. In the flight photo the white covering the whole tip of the P10 would suggest this. Eye colour is about the same for both.


It looks a fairly standard vegae, they do come even more heavily marked and the dark eye alone is a good indicator. So it's Vega Gull if you follow the IOC.


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I should have double-checked Vega. I didn't expect them to appear that big-ish nor boldly marked...so i didn't give it a second thought...unwisely.

Thanks for the quick reply!

I'll hastily change it to adW Vega.


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