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Hello Friends (1 Viewer)


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Hello Friends, Help Please ..

I am a new member here, name is Prasad. An Organic Chemist by profession, currently in Uppsala, Sweden.

I want to ask for an advice from the experienced members here, as I am a novice .. I own a Nikon D50 with a Nikkor 18-55, a Sigma DG-II 70-300 Apo Macro and a lensbaby for Nikon mount ... I am intending to purchase a teleconeverter for the Sigma lens .. I however dont have any idea which one may work better with my D50 and Sigma Lens .. Can anyone advice me about this ???

Thanks and Regards

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KC Foggin

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United States
Hello rejithwarrier and a warm welcome to you from those of us on staff here at BirdForum :t:

I've got the same setup too so I'll be watching the suggestions made here as well. ;)


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You have a very good starting setup.
The Sigma lens is well worth it's price, and can produce very nice shots. At 300mm it can be used without a tripod only at very good lighting conditions, as the lens is too light for stabilizing itself, and blurry images maybe obtained. It can be used wide open but closing half a stop will result in better images.
The TC that can work with it is the Kenko Pro 300 x1.4 or the equivalent Tamron SP TC.
HOWEVER- focusing will become very slow and the lens will hunt a lot. With this setup manual focusing is recommended as well as a tripod and this is not suitable to chase flying birds.
The lens can be used as a macro lens as well between 200-300mm, and a TC will work very nice (manual focus, again) for creating nice macro shots.
The bottom line - it doesn't like TCs very much, the effective aperture will become F:8 and an additional stop-down is needed to get decent quality - meaning - you'll obtain eventually a 420mm/11 effective lens, quite a dark eyepiece and only for tripod use.


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Hi KC, thanks for the reply and sorry for the delay in replying .. Was not in the best of my health for the last few days .. Thanks for the welome as well.


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Hi Yossi, thanks for the reply .. Was not in the best of my health for the last few days, I am sorry for the late reply ..

So if I want to go higher in zoom, do you think it is best that I go for a new lens itself ?? If so, would you be able to recomment some affordable ones ?? That would be of great help ..

Thanks again and hope to talk to you soon ..


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"Good" and "affordable" doesn't usually match.
This Sigma is quite an exception. Beyond 300mm, there are several options, but they are not cheap. What kind of shooting are you after?

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