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Hello from a newcomer to the hobby (1 Viewer)


New member
United Kingdom
Hello, I`m Bill, aged 63 and new to the interest of bird watching/spotting. I am a complete novice and apologise for any annoying questions I might ask innocently.
I`m a big lover of wagtails, love them really and would love to attract them although it seems like I might have to give up on that one, which is a shame. I have set up some new feeders, probably too many if I`m honest, and so far no takers, but I`ll keep patient.


Carpe Carpum
Staff member
Hi Bill and welcome to BirdForum from all the staff and moderators. Wagtails are great. We’ve had a Grey Wagtail in the garden over the last week.



Picture Picker
Welcome to Birdforum! I am sure that you will find lots to interest you here and I hope you enjoy your visits.

Everyone has to learn so I'm sure there will be no annoying questions! It does take time for birds to find and get used to new feeders so you are right to be patient.

delia todd

If I said the wrong thing it was a Senior Moment
Staff member
Opus Editor
Hi Bill and a warm welcome from me too.

It took a few months for the birds to find my window feeder, but now it's pretty busy. Yes.... wagtails are such fun to watch... you may need plenty of flies to attract them though LOL, or a fast running rocky stream for the Grey Wagtail might do the trick ;)

I'm sure you will enjoy it here and I hope to hear about all the birds you see when out and about.

KC Foggin

Super Moderator
Staff member
Opus Editor
United States
Hi there Bill and a warm welcome to you(y)

We're glad you found us and thanks for taking a moment to say hello. Please join in wherever you like ;)


Active member
Hi Bill and welcome to the forum. I'm a new member too and have been interested in birds for many years as well and I'd recommend putting a birdbath in the garden somewhere as I've always found it attracts all types quickly. Doesn't have to be fancy, last year I made my own from two large stacked terra cotta pots with a round pot base on the top. Here are a couple of remote wifi camera photos of the visitors I got.

1610581318051.png 1610581371963.png
Left the Common Myna and right the Streak-Eared Bulbul.

All the best

Jim Bennett

Canon User R6 5DMkIIII
Hi Bill, Wagtails are not a bird that comes the feeders, they might pick some of the scraps up but they are after live foods mostly, I got one a Gray on a dam wall yesterday and it looked like it was finding quite a lot down there i will see about posting a picture sadly its late now.

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