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Hello from Central TX.... (1 Viewer)


New member
Hi :)
Thrilled to have found a forum. Currently in Central Tx, will be moving to Oregon soon~~~

Just started backyard feeding in December (2017) and my husband and I have been hooked since :) We are renting right now and can not do landscaping so very very barren yard. Two trees, one will be covered in bees and wasps end of spring till end of fall here.

We decided to try and bring in a bird or two with a pole feeder and I started researching what to get by the few birds I had seen around the neighborhood.

But...right now I really want some opinions and help if possible.

We have had a male Carolina Wren here since the morning after we put up the feeder...

He soon developed his favorite three places to perch and sing his heart out for a mate....and spent the day always around our property. It is just a track house, not large land.

He never missed a day...was building a few nest sites in our backyard and of course sang everyday until dusk.

It is now 2nd week in April and he has not been here for the past 8 days.
Anyone know of a good reason why he has been *missing*? I know he sang and sang...heartbreaking really...as one of his singing perches was about 3 feet from me every morning.

I was able to stand outside and he was perched on the table we use for the platform feeder and would sing for about 30 minutes there before he started eating. I felt soooo sad for him...wanted to find a mate for him! But if his beautiful singing did not bring a female to him I don't know what could have.

Anyway, I would love to hope that he suddenly decided to look elsewhere, but I have not heard him anywhere in the neighborhood at all.

Any ideas?

Also, the male and female chickadees that live in a birdhouse next door were here all day since Dec. as well, they have not been seen since around the same day the wrens left. (We also had 4 house Wrens here daily and they haven't been here either :/).

Thank you for any help and ideas or even if it has happened before and I am of course hoping they all return in the fall, but this is strange and sad.

Sherri Central TX

KC Foggin

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United States
Hi there Sherri and a warm welcome to you from those of us on staff here at BirdForum :t:

Remember, it is nesting time and probably many of your birds are sitting on eggs ;) If not that, then is it possible you have a Bird of Prey i.e. Hawk of some kind hanging around? That could be another reason why you are not seeing your songbirds but I hope it is just due to nesting season. Keep us posted if you don't mind ;)

delia todd

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Hi Textures and a warm welcome from me too.

I'm sure you will enjoy it here and I hope to hear about all the birds you see when out and about.

I suspect KC is correct and you'll be seeing them return with youngsters in tow in a few weeks.


New member
Hi KC :)
Thank you :) Yes, I do worry about Hawks...of course that is a lot of birds to go missing the same 2 days?

The Carolina Wren did not have a mate...he sang for months for one...from Dec. until last week when he stopped showing up. The house Wrens are likely nesting...but we have numerous bug feeders as well as nuts, seeds and fruit so it would be surprising I thought if they don't come for the easy gutloaded bugs etc. and to not see them at all is strange to me.

The Chickadees are in a birdhouse within easy view of us and have not seen any activity there. So strange.

I know it is unlikely, but would a Carolina Wren ever leave his immediate area to go look for a mate if it was not having luck where it had been for 4 months?

Thank you again, and I will post again!


New member
Thank you Delia :)

I hope so...except for the Carolina Wren...he did not have a mate, as hard as he tried :/ so he concerns me most.

Thank you for the welcome! I will be reading posts most of the night I am sure!



Staff member
Hi Sherri and welcome. I am sure KC and Delia are right about the nesting birds and it does seem likely that your male Carolina Wren has decided to move on to find a mate. Sad for you but let's hope he gets lucky and finds a girlfriend soon.

As well as putting out a variety of different foods you could also put out a couple of water containers, one big enough but not too deep so the birds can bathe and another smaller that they can drink from. Our neighbour has made his patio very bird-friendly by putting out bushes in large planters. They need watering if it doesnt rain but it has changed his patio from a bare no-go area for birds into one regularly visited. He has bird feeders hanging under the bushes and the birds like this because they can quickly get into cover if a Sparrowhawk (its like your Coopers or Sharpie) comes hunting.



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Welcome to BirdForum! I am sure you will find lots to interest you here, and I hope you enjoy your visits.

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