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hello from oregon usa (1 Viewer)


hello everyone
Very glad to be a new member of the bird forum and hope to learn from all of you in the future. I love to feed the birds, photograph and watch there behavior. A goal of mine is to creat a native backyard habitat with red oiser dogwood, spiarea, wild rose, red flowering currant, service berry and evergreens, but still much more work to do as I need to make a water feature just for the birds. Thanks for all of you who post pictures I view those to get tips on how to be a better photographer, and also those who have good knowledge of bird behavior as I have many questions about some of my experiences with bird activity. Just today somthing unusual happened. I had my kitchen window open with camera set up inside to get photos of the gossbeaks. I noticed what I thought was a very pregnent and very lazy downy woodpecker not standing but laying on a small wood platform. Later that day while watching TV waiting for better lighting outside this woodpecker entered the house through the window and perched ontop of a small piece of driftwood near the sink, a few moments later it fell into the dry sink and could not get out. I returned it to a safe corner of the deck and offered it some suet with a little water bowl and to hours later she died. My guess is she was looking for a safe place to pass away, but why was the bird so fat with chest bulging out is this a signe of old age in some birds? Also dozens of woodpeckers will feed on this suet from sun up too sun down, is there such a thing as a bird eating too much food? Take care everyone

delia todd

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Hi backeddy and welcome to Bird Forum from all the Staff and Moderators

I'm sure you will enjoy it here.


KC Foggin

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Hi there and a warm welcome to you.

So sorry about the Woodpecker. When birds are ill, they will fluff up to try to preserve the heat around their body. So that is something you might have been seeing. The fact that it was horizontal on the wood platform was a good sign that it wasn't doing well. Death could have been from any number of things and without a necropsy there's no way of knowing. One possibility would be that she was egg bound but I don't know how often that happens in wild birds.

I hope you come back and enjoy the forum and please join in wherever you like.

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