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Hello from the Netherlands/UK! (1 Viewer)


Hi everyone!
My name is Max, and I'm from the Netherlands but also spend a lot of time in the UK as a student.
I am actually a very keen palaeontologist, both by hobby (I've been fossil hunting for over 9 years now), and since September by study too. However, despite my main passion being about the long-dead animals and organisms, I too love seeing living and breathing animals (including birds of course!).
I've always been lucky to have a family that has the means to travel, and so I've been to many exotic locations where I got to appreciate the wildlife there. During those trips I always stole my dad's camera to snap some photos of whatever animals I saw, but apart from that I didn't do much in terms of photography. Last summer however I got a new camera (a Lumix DMC-G80 for those of you that are interested), and this motivated me to go find some of the more local wildlife in my area (both in the Netherlands and the UK) and try photographing that. The bird diversity is much wider than I had envisioned, and this drove to learn more about them. I've managed to find a few sources that seem quite good already to help with bird identification, but I figured that joining a forum full of amateur/professional experts would be very helpful for any trickier ID questions I may have, while also being a fun place to learn more about ornithology and maybe share some nice photographs.
I'm looking forward to being a part of this community and meeting you all!

PS: I'm trying to figure out how to get a profile picture, but I can't seem to figure out how to do that yet... perhaps it's something reserved to members that have already made a substantial amount of posts?

delia todd

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Hi Max and a warm welcome to you from all the Staff and Moderators.

I'm sure you will enjoy it here. I look forward to hearing your news, and will hopefully see some of your pictures in the Gallery too.


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Welcome to Birdforum! I am sure that you will find lots to interest you here and I hope that you enjoy your visits.

I believe you have to make ten forum posts and be a member for five days before you can have an avatar.

KC Foggin

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United States
Hi there and a warm welcome to you . (y)
We're glad you found us and please join in wherever you like ;)

Just for your info here's a list for new member restrictions.

New Member Restrictions

In an attempt to prevent certain abuses of our site, new members have a handful of minor restrictions placed upon them until they have made 10 forum posts (gallery comments do not count) AND have been a member of the site for 5 days. The following minor restrictions apply to new members who have not qualified with the above criteria:

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