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Hello, I hope there are good corvid experts in here, as this is why I joined. :) (1 Viewer)


United States
Hi all, I am so excited to have found this forum. I became an eBird volunteer earlier this year, and I live in the city (San Diego) so most of my birds are of the urban variety. In San Diego, we have pretty strong populations of both ravens and crows, and both also live in the city, although generally more crows in my part of town. (It is actually my understanding, we didn't even have crows in San Diego until the 1980s but now crows apparently have surpassed the raven population). In any case, my ebird page is plastered with so many "Crow/raven sp." that it's just driving me nuts, and I've watched every documentary and tried to research as much as possible, and it's still really hard to ID them, even with photos. Like can anybody tell me what this one is? It was seen just seen about 3 days ago flying swoopy, not flappy, and did a little bit of playful gliding onto it's side right before snapping this photo, and I thought I saw it had an angular shaped tail, and it also looks like it's feathers or sort of see through. It was by itself, no noises, but was sort of big and really graceful, so was wondering if it was a raven, or just a really graceful playful loner crow. I normally wouldn't care to take it's photo, but it just seemed like it was having such a great time, and looked so graceful and was sort of big looking so I took it's photo. Also, can you tell by it's finger feathers? Thanks in advance if anybody knows what this is! I hope there's people on here who like crows and ravens, as I got tons of photos of them. :) ~Lisa in SD


  • crowraven sp flying 8.27.21 5.51pm.JPG
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United States
If anybody likes playing this game, raven v. crow, this pair, which I believe to be a mother and child, always comes around, and I never see them flying and child does honk, but it's like a weird caw honk and not sure if because it's juvenile or has messed up beak (can't see it in this photo, but child has avian pox or something all over it's face and beak). This is probably the best quality photo of mom, most of the time, they're up high on building ledge or deep inside the tree where the lighting makes photo quality poor, but here sunlight shined right on mom (I think it's mom).


  • Ravens 7.30.21 11.30 am.jpg
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delia todd

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Hi ElleJay and a warm welcome to you from all the Staff and Moderators.

I've moved your post to the ID forum, as they're better placed to be able to help you there.

I'm sure you will enjoy it here and I look forward to hearing your news.

KC Foggin

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Hi there and a warm welcome to you . (y)
We're glad you found us and please join in wherever you like ;)

I'm going with Crow on this image.
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