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Hi I saw a raptor on my normal dog walk behind Horsey dunes today.It flew from a fence post and landed in a field then kept flying a few yards and landing again.
It was kestrel sized and in flight it looked white underneath and very dark above
the tail was black and white barred (more than 10 white bars I think), the bars didn't go across the tail fully as it looked like there was a black stripe down the centre of the tail, there were also some white marks on the cheeks.
Please put me out of my misery
I took these photo's at extreme range


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Rob Smallwood

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If it wasn't for the barred tail it almost looks like a Great Spotted Cuckoo, then again in pic two it could be a Pec Sand!


I didn't make it very clear, the tail was barred beneath and was almost half of the body length


Having expanded the photo's I now don't think that it is a raptor but the tail was long and squared not fanned like the cuckoos

C B Allen

Chris Allen
Did you consider Green Woodpecker?? ... posture in 3rd picture looks familiar & would explain tail pattern etc.

Chris A.


The tail was too long. I have enlarged the photo's


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If I HAD to put a name to this, I'd also say Cuckoo. But, to be honest, this is not identifiable with any degree of certainty.


I viewed it through binoculars and the underside was very white,also there were white patches above and below the eye, would you get this with a cuckoo??


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Having read the description, and looked at the images to my eyes it says Cuckoo, although indistinct! I get a contrasting Iris, a short bill, and a grey hood, add to that the attenuated look and the long tail...Common Cuckoo.



Thanks for the replies, I appreciate all the help. I dare say there will be something else that I need help with soon

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