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Help identify this bird (song) please (1 Viewer)


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Hello o:) I’m wondering if anyone can identify this bird via one of its songs I recorded this morning. For the past many months, it is out there every morning (sometimes it starts singing as early as 4:30 am) and most of the afternoon. It’s songs can change after maybe every 7-15 repetitions. It’s quite loud and lovely. I know nothing about birding but have always loved them. This little songstress is in one of the trees here in my apartment complex parking lot but I haven’t seen it yet. I’m in the mountains of western N.C. near the Blue ridge parkway, lots of National Forest and wildlife around.

From the little research I did, I think it might be a sparrow of some kind? Not sure but would love to know. It’s songs bring a smile to my face. They can be very complex and lively and always pretty with the trills, blips and....Like, blowing raspberries lol - very varied little tunes. I’ll upload the one from this morning but will try to catch it again on a morning when it is really going strong and wild. The recording here wasn’t the prettiest I’ve heard, but think it will show what I mean.

(To me it sounds like it’s working out a new song variation [though I have no idea] Usually there is not that much time between each of its songs. Best part starts at 1:40)

Thank you!


  • Bird July 3rd.mp3
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Thank you SO much, The Bird Nuts!! Really appreciate your help!! I was just listening and reading up on the song sparrow more since your reply and yes, that’s exactly what she/he is! I’m SO glad to know for sure now. I just love this bird’s songs! Having grown up in New England, as a kid, I remember hearing a whole lot of crows and groaning being woken up to them. Here in the Appalachian mountains I’ve heard the most beautiful birdsongs that sometimes stop me in my tracks and I want to get better at identifying them.

Earlier I was trying to remember a book I picked up a number of years ago but no longer have and couldnt remember the title....after a few google searches, I found it. I think I let someone borrow it before I read it completely. Just thought I’d share here, with this being a birders site, it might be of interest. It’s called:

The Healing Wisdom of Birds: An Everyday Guide to Their Spiritual Songs & Symbolism
By Lesley Morrison

I’m going to order the Kindle version of it since I’ve had some, what I consider spiritual or extraordinary encounters with birds throughout my life and feel a strong connection with them, though really havent explored it very much. Maybe I’ll share my hummingbird experience here if there is a forum for that type of thing. I’ll have to look. :)

Have been reading the spiritual / totem/ animal message meaning of Sparrow now online and I resonate to it.

A sparrow’s song is probably birding 101, as I’ve read sparrows are so common, but I wouldnt know. I feel lucky to have one that sings such pretty songs as such a close neighbor, there singing every morning. As a painter, I’ve just been looking at sparrow photos on google, I’m now feeling inspired to start painting some birds too. I’ll start with the song sparrow. ;)

Thanks again for your help! I’m sure I’ll be back!


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Thank you all so much!

The Bird Nuts, Oh wow, How cool !! - a fellow artist here? ! Glad to meet you :) I’d love to see your work as well! I noticed a forum for that type of thing here and will have to explore it more now. What mediums do you work in? Do you work very realistically / detailed or more expressive? For the past decade or so, I’ve been more focused on expressive, loose work (often in water media)...trying to capture a spirit or essence, Lots of glazing and veiling...although I can draw anything realistically quite well, I’ve sort of shifted away from that style of work. Although I appreciate all kinds of work, for me, over time...painting too hyper-realistically became a chore and a bore. I’m feeling like with my sparrow painting, I might try and do a mix of semi-realistic mixed in with the washy, more loose abstract.....tricky combo, sometimes to weave together. Anyway yeah, maybe I’ll share something here. Happy painting to you as well. Thank you & Cheers Xo

KC Foggin, thanks so much! Yes, that’s my girl (boy?) - the one singing out there every day. :) I might be biased but out of all the song sparrow songs I’ve heard online, I think “mine” is the prettiest (suddenly it’s my pet, or winged child LOL ;) My little darling ). The ones online dont do mine justice. Thanks for the youtube vid. Funny, I thought I heard an owl in the background and almost paused the video because I thought it was coming from outside here. Then a commenter said they loved the Mourning Dove in the background and I realized how terrible I am at identifiying bird sounds. Lol I recognized that one though (the background one) only as one I would hear often up north. Thanks again. :)

Grebe or Grackle, thank you for almost sending me on an hours long complicated Google search. Lol. I’m going to accept mine as a Song Sparrow, because it really does sound like one to me too. I think The Bird Nuts is right, but I appreciate your 2 cents :) !!!

Hope you’ve all had a nice holiday weekend.
Bye for now...
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The Bird Nuts

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I mainly do photorealism in acrylics, but I also like to experiment with different media and styles to keep myself interested. I recently started using watercolor and I love it. Maybe I'll post some of my paintings in the Wildlife Art forum.

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