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Help Identifying This Bird - Long Island, New York (1 Viewer)


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I work in PetSmart in Farmingdale, and when I was walking out to get in the car with my mother I saw this brown thing on the concrete. I wasn’t sure what it was, but I figured it was a dead bird, maybe one that slammed into the glass and died. So, I went over to poke it with my foot to roll it over cause I was curious as to what bird it was, but instead it turns to look at me and I was shocked because it didn’t fly away. I picked it up and he just settled into my hand, and I figured maybe he was just cold from the outside, because it went from summer weather to bitter winter by the next day, so I think a lot of birds were unprepared for the weather?

He’s doing a lot better now. He’s flying around sometimes, and I left him some finch and canary bird seed, but I’m worried that it’s not the proper feed for him considering he doesn’t really seem to have the beak type for seeds like that? He looks more like he eats bugs and worms. I had the bird feed on hand from the last bird I found not too long ago. I was just wondering if anyone knows what kind of bird he is? I’m planning to return him tonight when I go back to work, I’m just curious. My grandmother thinks he’s a baby Mockingbird.



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It's a wren - a House Wren. They do eat insects. I presume you know a store where you can find some mealworms or crickets. :) Not sure if it will eat them if they're not live, though.

They're quite good at finding insects hiding in cracks in tree bark, or under piles of leaves, so don't keep it waiting if you can't get to the store, just let it outside.

House Wrens usually migrate about now, but they can handle an overnight cold snap (and they'd be unlikely to choose a sidewalk to lie down on if cold and tired). Yours may have flown into a car or building.
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